Scouting European brotherhood

A unique event in Europe


Normandy – France


12 000 guides and scouts from 18 countries,

no less than 1500 patrols will be attempt
to live a great scout camp and celebrate european brotherhood.


from Aug 3rd to Aug 10th, 2014

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  • Venite et Ludite
    Venite et Ludite
    Between often intensive twinning activities (Laborate, Vincite, Adiungite, Gaudete, Reconciliate…), the units sometimes need some rest and to unite themselves and have a « family meeting » to make the most of life camp. It’s durng the « Venite et Ludite » (Come and Play) that the companies (girls) and troops (boys) are free of all activities. Some use […]
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  • Concert-vigil
    On Friday, August the 8th at 8.30pm, a concert-vigil concluded the scout cultural festival in Our Lady’s basilica in Alençon. This festival enabled the AGSE to make herself more known by general public. More precisely, it made possible an interaction with the inhabitants of the Orne who welcomed our 12000 scouts during the whole length […]
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  • Venite et Reconciliate
    Venite et Reconciliate
    « This is my heaven, this is my destiny : Live through Love », used to say Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux. It’s on this enormous-hearted saint’s steps that the Scouts of Europe walked towards Lisieux. A pilgrimage to the heart of Christ to live the sense of God that is so precious to European scouting. By groups of […]
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The 2014 Eurojam is based on the « venite et videte » maxim. ( Come and see !) It’s the invitation that Jesus gives to the disciples of John the Baptist at the banks of the river Jordan who has just asked him: “Master, where do you live?”.

In this very simple dialogue the meeting of two deep desires emerges: that of a man that seeks God and that of a God willing to open the treasures of his house to every man. Thus these two words “Come and see” resonates in us like a personal call of Jesus to follow him. He who lights up the path of our lives and strengthens our thirst.

The young guides and scouts are invited to explore the foundations of European scouting and the lives of their European brothers and sisters. It’s thus the law and the promise, the values lived and shared by all members of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe, which invites you to “come and see”: the law and the Promise are a fundamental of European scouting and shape the way of life of young people.

Robert Schuman


Europeans of the first hour; are faithful to their commitment. In 1956 in Cologne, a handful of young Austrian, French and German, thirsty for peace, laid the foundations of the great brotherhood of European Guides and Scouts of Europe.

The Eurojam in 2014 is also a highly symbolic event that takes place under the patronage of Robert Schuman, one of the fathers of Europe, whose beatification is advancing quickly. The Eurojam 2014 that takes place during the centenary of the First World War must remain an unforgettable experience for the 10000 young European scout peacemakers.

  • Europe will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity

    Robert Schumann

The Way of Trust

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12 000 Christian Europeans will go to Lisieux, a place of pilgrimage where we celebrate the figure of St Therese of the Child Jesus, proclaimed Doctor of the Church by John Paul II. Patroness of missions while she has never left the Carmel, St Teresa invites all scouts and guides to walk with confidence in the path of spiritual neglect.

She has transmitted an authentic real spirituality where everything is based on the trust in the love of Christ.

  • The poorer you become, the more Jesus will love you… it is confidence, nothing but confidence that leads to Love.

    Sainte Thérèse

Sainte Thérèse

Program for the event


Come and work!

The technical workshops
It’s an activity between two patrols. Within the atelier the objective is to exchange a scout technique or a handcrafted activity that was prepared at home. During the year two patrols have contacted each other to start working on the program. The time is split in 2 meetings, each one in the place of one of the patrols and it lasts for about 2-3 hours. The aim is to develop the resourcefulness and the creativity.


Come and rejoice!

The festive dinner and the Vigil
This is a meeting between 3 patrols. They meet at the camp of one of the patrols and they prepare dinner together. The dinner will consist of a special dish from each of the patrols. In order to maintain an exciting framework, each patrol has to animate the festive meal with a game, a song or a small sketch. This is a unique opportunity to experience a real-time intercultural encounter.


Come and get to know!

The Exchange day
The exchange day is the privileged moment of discovery of these « town in the woods », which is the Eurojam. The patrol can move freely on the site to visit other constructions, meeting people, exchanging badges, imagine games. Time together and discovery await the scouts and guides while exploring the camp.


Come and play!

The day of unity
This day is free of twining activities. It’s designed to be a family day to share with other patrols from the same Unit. Unit Leaders and patrols base this day on a program they will have developed together during the year to strengthen the bonds of friendship forged during the camp. Different specific activities are proposed depending on the Unit (service, visits, and games)


Come and join!

Optional Day
Guides and scouts, via an internet platform, propose a twinning with another Unit to organize a joint activity. All the construction is organized via the net and allows the young people to build a genuine project with its various phases in order to know each other and to achieve a joint meaningful action. Real box of ideas, this day is a living lab of Scout inventiveness and ingenuity.


Come and win!

The big game
The big game is the most awaited day by the scouts and guides and perfectly reflects the Scout pedagogy that is rooted in the game and imagination. Connected to the European heritage, the theme leads to brotherhood amongst nations and the community of the Church.

During the year, the young guides and scouts have chosen their game and have prepared themselves to participate as actors. An excellent way to discover the five goals of Scouting that must structure the big game.


Come and pray

The Pilgrimage

Recognize themselves in a common scout style
Experience the same “scout style” as the unifying pivot of sharing different traditions and experiences.

Found a new Europe
The meeting between young people belonging to the “two lungs” of Europe (Western and Eastern Europe) – that political choices have separated for decades – carries a call for unity and a message of defiance to build an always more united Europe.

Strong gestures, integrated into the pilgrimage ceremony and selected spiritual witnesses aim to provide young people the communion between nations and to send them off as builders of unity.

Son of the same Father

The certainty of being son of the same Father gathers us together beyond our common European citizenship. The same Christian roots call us to unite beyond our belonging to different churches. Guides and Scouts are expected to approach a personal reconciliation with God through the sacrament of confession.

The pilgrimage will take place the 5, 6, 7 and 8 of August 2014.


The first international camps emerged at the beginning of the 1960s:

• 1959 in Wasserfall in the Federal Republic of Germany with 150 participants.
• 1960 in Saint-Loup de Naud, close to Provins in the Paris region in France with 200 participants.
• 1962 in Botassart in Belgium with 250 participants
• 1964 in Marburg an der Lahn in the Federal Republic of Germany with 400 participants
• 1968 in Kergonan in Bretagne in France with 700 participants
• 1969 in Tholey in the Federal Republic of Germany with close to 1000 participants

For the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe the Eurojam is the equivalent to the Jamboree.
The terminology was first seen in the revues of the movement in the early 1980s and the first EUROJAM took place in France in 1984.


in Velles, close to Châteauroux (France), 5 000 Guides and Scouts of Europe got together from all the provinces of Eastern Europe from Andalusia to Austria, from Belgium to Sicily. Twelve countries were represented to live together for 12 days a big scouting adventure. The highlight of the camp was the 24h visit of Paris with a holy mass in Notre-Dame de Paris.

Velles, France


in Viterbo (Italy), 7500 Guides and Scouts came together from all over Europe: from the west of course but also from Central and Eastern European countries that had recently been freed from communism. An official meeting with Pope John Paul II took place on August 3rd in the Basilica of St Peter in Rome. The general theme of the camp was “That all may be one”.

Viterbo, Italie


in Zelazko (Poland), 8 500 Guides and Scouts (including 2 000 French and 1 500 Italians) met 60km away from Krakow. The Eurojam gathered its participants around the theme “Put out into the deep” (Luk 5, 4) or in Latin “Duc in altum”. It’s a call that for all Guides and Scouts means to live their daily Promise.

Zelazko, Pologne

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