Dear Unit Leader,


This is the 1st Eurojam newsletter prepared especially for you, the leader who is coming with your unit to the Eurojam 2014. Our newsletters are a tool to inform you about Eurojam news, dates, and other details essential for you and your unit. We plan that you will get this newsletter every month.


In this issue you will find:


  • the invitation to the Unit Leaders Camp (in May).
  • the dates and rules for Eurojam activities (Venite et laborate, … et gaudete, … et cognoscite, … et ludite, … et adjungite!) and the Eurojam game of the games (Venite et vincite!).
  • the link to the updated Eurojam Preparatory Booklet (English version).

“Venite et Videte” ... Holy Words - personally addressed to you!


It is with great joy that we invite you officially to participate in the International Unit Leaders' Camp (ULC) for boy troop leaders and girl company leaders, which will be held in SAINT-HUBERT, Normandy, from May 1st to 4th, 2014, as a real discovery of your next summer camp: the Eurojam 2014!


The Eurojam is the big adventure of the UIGSE-FSE for thousands of girls and boys every ten years, but above all it is your unit’s camp. You are one of the nearly 500 unit leaders who are preparing the Eurojam 2014 for your boys or girls. If it is not you who are creating the Eurojam, nobody is preparing the adventure for your guides or scouts. So, please come to the ULC in order to experience the unity of Guides and Scouts of Europe and to feel the spiritual and pedagogical sense of Eurojam. If you do not come, your sisters and brothers cannot properly prepare their unit’s twinning with your unit.


The ULC is the chance for you to explore the sites where you will camp and live the Eurojam common activities.


In addition to that, you are introduced to the main pedagogical ideas of every Eurojam activity. So you are conscious of their importance and pass them on to your girls and boys - with more energy and more excitement. Your ULC participation is essential for you and for your unit. If you really, really cannot participate, please send one of your assistants to represent your unit at the ULC.


Practical information


  • Participation fee: 40 € (collected by every National Association);
  • Opening ceremony: May 1st (Thursday) at 15.00. Please manage to be on site by 14.00. End of the camp: May 4th (Sunday) at 11.00.
  • Travel: managed by every national association (more information about shuttle buses either from Paris or from L’Aigle will follow).
  • Two sub-camps: girl leaders and boy leaders.
  • The style of the camp life is like patrol live.

    Overnight in tents (patrol tents or igloo tents) organized at national level. Who – due to travel reasons cannot bring a tent are expected to report this in their registration form. So the French logistic team could provide some patrol tents (but be aware of the limited availability).

    Cooking on fire (maybe on stoves). Food is provided by the main galley, wood stoves are available on site, but your pots have to be taken from home. All this is organized by patrols created by your national team. Some meals will be cooked and eaten in international patrols formed on site.

    Most of
    topics are presented in four linguistic groups (French, Italian, Polish and English). Some common issues are explained to everybody in English: a simultaneous translation in other languages is not provided.

    For any
    details: contact your national commissioner.

  • Registration deadlines: by the March 15th you must complete the registration form on QUIPO with the data of the person who will participate to ULC.
  • More detailed information about the daily program is provided soon via the next newsletters and the official Eurojam website http://www.eurojam.eu/ which is regularly updated.

Looking forward to seeing you in Normandy!

Activities, twinning process, and “Venite et vincite!”



You have already received or you will get soon information about your constellation and your bivouac from your green branch national commissioner. With this information, you will know the program you are expected to follow at the respective days of the camp. Please be attentive to that. All details concerning the program and any help for preparing the Eurojam 2014 are found in your “Preparatory Booklet for Unit Leaders”.


There are five activities for which your guides and scouts will be the creators and masters. This means that you must encourage your patrol leaders to bring their creative ideas, their openness and their sociability in order to succeed. The five activities to be prepared by your patrols:


  • Venite et laborate! / Come and work! - Twinned technical workshops.
  • Venite et gaudete! / Come and rejoice! - Twinned dinner and campfire.
  • Venite et cognoscite! / Come and get to know! - Huge exchange day.
  • Venite et ludite! / Come and play! - Big games.
  • Venite et adiungite! / Come and join! - Optional twinned activites.


Venite et Laborate! Venite et Gaudete!


After March 7th– After having gotten information from the registration team, the green branch national commissioners will send you an e-mail with information about the twinnings of your patrols for Venite et Laborate! (twinning of two patrols) and Venite et Gaudete! (twinning of three patrols). Encourage your patrols to start the twinning rather sooner than later: by letter, by e-mail, by skype, by social networks, etc. Your patrols should prepare a presentation introducing their patrol, their meetings, and/or their games. They should also ask questions and get to know their brothers and sisters from other countries. Do not be afraid of the language barrier as there are so many ways to share emotions and information via visual media as well.


Venite et Adiungite!


From March 1st to 16th– The website (http://quipo.uigse-fse.org) allows you (as unit leaders) to submit your proposals for optional activities, which you have to be decided by your Court of Honour together with your patrol leaders. On March 16th the registration team disables new proposals and modifications.


From March 23rd to April 10th– Your unit can see the proposals and decides in your Court of Honour together with your patrol leaders, which activity you want to join.


On April 15th – After having gotten information from the registration team, you receive an e-mail confirming your twinning for Venite et Adiungite!

Please be aware of your twinning so that you can meet the leaders of the other units at the Unit Leaders’ Camp in May in order to discuss and arrange personally the details of all three activities.


Venite et vincite!


The adventure is about to start! Thousands of scouts are looking forward to the big “Game of the Games”. In total there will be 150 big games prepared by unit leaders like you. The patrols from Europe and North America are called to choose their game afterwards. Be excited who will choose your game! You have already joined a preparation team? Various topics are possible. It is up to you to define it: The Knights of the Round Table seeking for Graal, gold seekers crossing their paths of Wild West, Da Vinci meeting Tolkien's characters will become realities very soon.


By February 28th - In order to let your patrols take part in a well-prepared game of their dreams, we ask those among you, who have recently joined a game team, to provide the first step materials of your game. It should take you no more than three hours to prepare this step (team information - 10 min, pedagogical interest - 1 hour, description - 1 hour). You find the link with more detailed information at:



After March 1st - The games are published on: http://www.eurojam.eu/


On April 15th - The registration process for “Venite et vincite!” is starting. Please note, that the patrols can only choose the game they want to play, if the unit leaders submit their games.

Come and win! Venite et vincite!

The new version of the Eurojam preparatory booklet



We invite you to be a big community of prayer and action! The Eurojam preparation prayer can be found in all languages at: http://uigse-fse.org/fr/priere/


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your green branch national commissioners!


The new more informative version of Eurojam website is coming soon to help you stay up to date with Eurojam most current posts: http://www.eurojam.eu


Yours in scouting,

The Eurojam Preparation Team

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