Dear Unit Leader,


This is the 3rd issue of Eurojam newsletter, below you will find:


  • the explanation about process of twinning for activities
  • next steps for Eurojam activities (Venite et laborate, … et gaudete, … et cognoscite, … et ludite, … et adjungite!, ... et vincite!)
  • the instuctions how to build the Eurojam carriages
  • details about Unit Leaders Camp
  • the links to previous newsletters and to Eurojam Preparatory Booklet (English version).

Activites and twinning


We expect that you and your patrol leaders are creating a great adventure together!!!

In the Quipo system you already can see which constеation and bivuak you belong to and can plan details of your program.  Let‘s take a short overview in what step you should be in now, in preparation of your greatest activities for the EJ!


Twining for Venite et Laborate! and Venite et Gaudete!


After the 14th of March, your National Commissioner have informed you about your twin units. Right? We hope that the communication with other units is clear and easy? If some of you have still not connected with your twin Units, please follow these instructions:


  • Ask your National Commissioner for the contacts of your twin unit
  • Write to your Twin Units‘ Leader and ask for contacts of their patrols (who twin your patrols). Give him your patrols‘ contacts.
  • Give the other unit patrols‘ contacts to your patrol leaders.
  • Ask and encourage your patrol leaders to be creative and sociable in communication with their twin patrols!
  • NB! If twinning is not working (no reply, no enthusiasm, etc. ) – please – inform your National Commissioner. He will inform the organizers and will try to fix the problem.


Venite et adiungite!


You are still invited to enter to Quipo and take a decision!

EITHER you decide YES and describe briefly your proposal OR you decide NOT to offer an activity. No decision is not an option for the guide or scout.

So far this is the picture of where unit leaders take decisions (for YES or NO):

Next steps:


- Until the 22nd of April you can still submit a units’ proposal on the Quipo platform

- From the 23rd of April everyone can see the published proposals on the EJ website and decide during a Court of Honor what to choose. If you want to know your twin Unit in ULC you have to register your 5 preferences on the Quipo platform before 28th of April.

- During ULC you will be informed about the final twining for this activity.
NB! Units that have proposed something will have the priority number 1 and those who haven’t offered an activity will have priority number 2 in choosing the activity of other  unit.


Then you will get in touch with your twin Unit and start getting to know each other before the great EJ adventure!


Venite et ludite!


This unit day is just for you to decide what you want to do. On the website you can find the list of various options to take up a mission or discover the region.

Transport and logistic is not provided by organizers. If you decide to rent a bus from local French bus company, approximately the price would be up to 5 eur/km. You will have to plan it on your own so we suggest you to twin with a French who could more easily rent a bus.





After the ULC until 15th of May you will have to register your decision in Quipo – whether you want to stay on the campsite or whether you decide to leave the campsite.


Once in a while follow up the updated information about deadlines and possible changes on the EJ webpage http://www.eurojam.eu/activities

Venite et vincite


For your patrols


Since we have had to wait for games from France and Italy, we have extended the deadline to register your patrols choices by 22nd of April - the same as for Adiungite.

The results of registration will be published on Eurojam website before the ULC.


For you


The next step to all who provided descriptions already awaits for you in game directories. Hope that you will enjoy the files - we wanted them to be rather help to you, than anything else. Once again let us remind you about Mighty Knowledge Base, where you can find almost everything concerning the Game of Games. If you want to improve the Base, don't hesitate to send it to games.eurojam@gmail.com.

Your unit’s equipment: carriages


The units are encouraged to bring carriages to transport wood, water and food. Indeed, the camp site is very big: the patrol will have to cross some hundreds of meters: a carriage will make easier the transport of these important elements for a good scout camp.

Here you can find 2 proposals, how to construct them:



International Unit Leaders’ Camp


With two weeks to go before the ULC, we have some important information for you, as well as a few things to remember.


Patrol Equipment to bring with you (in agreement with your National Commissioner). Each patrol is made up of unit leaders from the same bivouac:


- Fire lighting kit (paper, matches, wax)

- Axe

- Cooking utensils (Pots, Pans, etc)

- Plates, Cups or Billy Cans

- Washing up kit (Detergents, basins, etc)

- Jerry Cans or plastic bottles for water (ideally two: one for drinking and one for fire prevention)

- Tarpaulins and ropes to create a shelter for your meal area in case of rain.

- Patrol Tent


WARNING: all the soap and detergents you bring must be BIODEGRADABLE!


Cooking will be on open fires and not on stoves: remember to take the necessary equipment to place the pots on the fire.

Due to the lack of time, you will not be building patrol corners .

For the smaller nations organized in international bivouacs, equipment (including tents) will be provided by the organization.


Meals from dinner Thursday to Sunday lunch (picnic) will be provided by the Galley.


Practical information


For those arriving by car or bus, instructions can be found here :

  • From “Paris”, follow “Versailles” on the N12,
  • at “Verneuil-sur-Avre” follow “l’Aigle” on the D926
  • go through “l’Aigle” and follow “Saint-Evroult-Notre-Dame-du-Bois” on D12
  • enter St Evroult and turn on left 400m after the lake onto D50 - “Route de l’Echauffour”
  • Continue approximately 4km to reach the site.


Remember to bring your health insurance card and, in case of emergency, 25.00 euros in cash.




Can you play an acoustic instrument (guitar, flute, violin, etc) Bring it with you!

Can you sing? Can you lead songs?

We are looking for people to help with the music at Masses and campfires.

If you are interested, send an email to alexandragilhodes@hotmail.com to receive the scores.




For the first campfire, we need a small team from each country (five to ten unit leaders) to represent their country on stage. These leaders will need to prepare a very short act before coming to the ULC. If you are interested speak with your National Commissioner first and then write to alexandragilhodes@hotmail.com; so as to receive the instructions for preparation.

Thanks for your help in organising this big show!

Have you read newsletters 1 and 2?


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We invite you to be a big community of prayer and action! The Eurojam preparation prayer can be found in all languages at: http://uigse-fse.org/fr/priere/


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your green branch national commissioners!


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Yours in scouting,

The Eurojam Preparation Team

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