27th April 2014


Dear Unit Leader,


This is the 4th issue of the Eurojam newsletter dedicated to you. Read it before the Unit Leaders’ Camp:


  • the invitation for your unit to take part in Venite et Ludite
  • some remarks aboutthe Unit Leaders’ Camp
  • information about the ULC booklet andthe Eurojam booklet
  • warning of ticks
  • the links to previous newsletters


1. Venite et Ludite!


Venite et Ludite is a whole day to spend within your Unit. It has been thought as a “family day” in order to have some exclusive time just for your boys/girls. Before the EJ, work on a program for this day in Court of Honour, in order to strengthen the relationship within your Unit. The Court of Honour will decide what to do during this day and will organize it all by itself, either you stay at the camp or you go out.

After the ULC, you will have to register on Quipo and give your Unit Day program. All expenses (transportation, entry fees to museums and exhibitions, guided tours) will be at your charge.


  • Choose one of the three ways how you will spend your day:
  • Mission day
  • Region visit
  • Activity with your Unit on the campsite


Venite et Ludite proposals:


More information about Unit Day proposals you will find on the Eurojam webiste: www.eurojam.eu under link: http://www.eurojam.eu/activities/


2. The Unit Leaders’ Camp


Just a few days left till the Unit Leaders’ Camp. Please come back to newsletter nr. 3 to be sure that you are well prepared to camp in Normandy.


We would like to remind you to take BIODEGRADABLE detergents. Each patrol will need salt, sugar, pepper, oil, mustard and vinegar for cooking. Take also small plastic bottles, small plastic bags for garbage, but don’t buy anything further, take that stuff, which you have at home.


If you need to phone at the camp, from Monday this dedicated phone number will be active:

+33 2-33-98-11-44

3. Unit Leaders’ Camp and Eurojam Booklet draft


At the ULC, you will get two booklets: one with the daily plan schedule (it will be available in 4 languages: English, French, Italian and Polish). You will also get the Eurojam Booklet draft - it is the draft of booklet which will be used during the Eurojam by every participant. It will be just in English. After the ULC, we will ask you for your comments to this booklet and then translate it into other languages.


4. Ticks


The Eurojam camp location is in a zone where ticks are highly numerous during summer.


A tick's bite could result in the contamination by "boreliose of Lyme", for which there is no vaccine, and/or the viral Flavivirus encephalitis, for which there is a vaccine.


Please check with your personal doctor before coming to the camp.

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We invite you to be a big community of prayer and action! The Eurojam preparation prayer can be found in all languages at: http://uigse-fse.org/fr/priere/


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your green branch national commissioners!


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Yours in scouting,

The Eurojam Preparation Team

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