27th May 2014

Dear Unit Leader,


The 6th issue of the Eurojam newsletter has arrived!


Included you will find:

- the rules of the Eurojam Booklet Cover Competition

- information about cooking stoves

- links to the pilgrimage presentations (English and French versions)

- the important Venite et vincite deadlines

- the links to previous newsletters.

Eurojam Booklet Cover Competition


Time for a challenge! Let’s start the Eurojam facebook’let! But it is not about clicking and liking. This is something more, something bigger than the internet. Find out more…

Dear scouts and guides,

This is your opportunity to promote Eurojam using your image! Let your face appear on the booklet cover amongst other scouts and guides, who are taking part in Eurojam. How to to participate?

Send us an e-mail with your picture attached, to the following address : communication12sc@gmail.com.

Here are some tips :

- before taking the photo remember to put on your uniform. Perfect style makes for a perfect photo.

- the shot should include your head and shoulders.

- The picture has to be of good quality and in color (minimum 300dpi).

Unfortunately space on the cover is limited, so victors will be selected in order of application. Hurry up! The competition will last until the 8th of June!

Cooking stoves


At the ULC, you were advised that every patrol, as well as chiefs & volunteers cooking for themselves, must have a stove. One stove costs 20 euro. There have been some changes since. Below you can see how to order a stove on Quipo.

Note! If you do not make a decision, we will assume that you need a stove and we will order them for you. Therefore please, inform us before the end of May! If you want to organise the stove yourself, remember it has to be completely closed (e.g. no open flames are allowed).

Pilgrimage presentations (English and

French versions)


Presentation of the pilgrimage:



Présentation du pèlerinage:


Venite et vincite



The last deadlines for Vincite are:

30.04.2014 - file C: Schedule and D: Requirements

15.06.2014 - file E: Rules

Thank you to all who met the first deadline and provided both files on time! You will find a reward at the end of the message.



Rules will be published as and when your Game Team upload them to the Google Drive (file “E. Rules”).


Questions and answers:

Remember that for every game there is a forum to ask questions. Feel free to use it as a Game Team and/or Unit Leader. Invite your patrols to ask questions to game team.



Girls: we still have to confirm some part of the playground so please be patient!

Boys: At the beginning of June you will be able to choose the place where your game will take place.

If you have completed files C and D, then your National Commissioner will share with you a link to playground registration, to select your playground.

For the game teams who have not yet submitted these files: if you complete these by the end of May you will also be granted access to the registration. Passed this date, your playground will be assigned automatically.



Patrol Rewards:

We remind you, that it is the Game Team who must provide a rewards for the winner. It should be a ribbon (25 cm long and 3 cm wide).

We invite you to be a big community of prayer and action! The Eurojam preparation prayer can be found in all languages at: http://uigse-fse.org/fr/priere/


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your green branch national commissioners!


The new more informative version of Eurojam website helps you stay up to date with Eurojam most current posts: http://www.eurojam.eu


Yours in scouting,

The Eurojam Preparation Team

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