2th June 2014

  Dear Leader,


You are reading the 7th issue of the Eurojam newsletter.


Included you will find:

- important information about Venite et Ludite and Venite et Adiungite

- responsibility assignments for sub-camp/ bivouac and unit staff

- links to previous newsletters.

Venite et Ludite!!! / Unit day


Venite et Ludite is a whole day to spend with your Unit. It has been designed as a “family day” in order for you to have some personal time within your unit. Before the EJ, work on the program for this day in Court of Honor, in order to strengthen the relationship within your Unit. The Court of Honor will decide what to do during this day and you will organize it all by yourself, you can either stay on camp or you can go out.

You need to register on Quipo and give your Unit Day program by the 15th of June. All expenses (transportation, entry fees to museums and exhibitions, guided tours) are at your charge).

You can choose one of three ways to spend your day:

  • Mission day – If you want to serve or help - more than 10 local communities are ready to welcome you! Please choose this activity if you want to get to know local people and do a good deed with them.
  • Discover the region – a list of 17 options is available on www.eurojam.eu/activities. If you want to explore well known or historically important places, choose this option! Please select 5 preferences. After the deadline we will inform you about your final choice.
  • Activity as a Unit in or outside the campsite – in Quipo you will be asked shortly to describe your program. Which depends on your decisions in Court of Honor!


NB! Transport and logistics are not provided by the Eurojam organization, regardless of the option you choose. If you decide to rent a bus/car from a local French company, the price is approximately 5 eur/km. You will need to plan it on your own, so we suggest that you ask a friendly french unit leader, with whom you might be twinned, as it will be easier for them to rent a coach/bus. After the deadline, organizers will provide a google docs to find travel mates (ex. if you go to the same or near place).

Keep up to date by regulary following the information about deadlines and possible changes on the webpage www.eurojam.eu/activities.

Venite et Adiungite!!! / Optional day


Thank you for your patience in waiting for the final listing.

You will find the links below:

  • Twinings for venite et adiungite (active link to the document: Link)
  • If you still haven’t proposed anything you still can! Or you can change your mind. Please find following an active google docs file where you can write your proposals or accept a proposal by inserting your unit number (active link to the document: Link).

Assignment of responsibilities between sub-camp/ bivouac and unit staffs


Link to the assignments:


If you have any questions, you can send them to eurojam@uigse-fse.org

You can also consult the Eurojam FAQ for Sub-camp, Bivouac and Unit Leaders on:


 Let’s pray for Ukraine


Please see below a message of Taras, one of our Ukrainian leaders. Let’s not stop our prayers for them!

“We have one very essential problem which does not give us the possibility to write you an exact answer regarding the quantity of scouts who are going to come. For the last two months we had two waves of mobilization to army (…). A week ago I received a call-up paper from the local military registration and enlistment office as well.

5 or 6 of our elder scouts have gone to army (three of them planned to go to Eurojam and to take with them at least 30 scouts). We do not know whether they will be able to come back and when. We do not know whether this mobilization continues and who will be the next (Nazar, Pavlo, me...).

We are preparing, we (and our scouts even more) are eager to take part in Eurojam!!

(Taras from Ukraine)”

Video from the campsite


Have you already seen the Italian video production about the campsite? Full of inspiration!



Do not hesitate to share with us your movies!

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