10th July 2014

Dear Leader,

You are reading the 9th issue of the Eurojam newsletter. Till Eurojam left just 24 days. The adventure is coming closer!


Included you will find:

- corrected information about camp’s colours

- information about stoves and carriages

- invitation to Eurojam Choir and Orchestra

- invitation for your unit to European Scout Museum

- links to previous newsletters.

Official colors for your camp

Once again, the correct version


Here you can find the "official colours" for your subcamp/bivouac: COLOURS


The principle is :

- one dark or bright colour for the subcamp

- one light colour for the bivouac

- each patrol, unit team, bivouac team must "mark" their equipment with these colours (painting, ribbons...)

- these colours will appear on the personal badges of each guide/scout (the "Eurojampass").

Stoves and carriages


How to construct the the stove from individual elements? How to use the carriages? Fotos, movies and instructions: stoves and carriages



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How to order the stoves? They will be distributed automatically to all the patrols against a ticket. Each stove must be paid €20.


How to order the carriages?

If you still didn’t order a trailer, you can do it till tomorrow 11th July before 3.00 PM by writing a mail to Patrick Hilaire (hilairepatrick0410@orange.fr) and Franziska Harter (franziska.harter@uigse-fse.org).  


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We can’t accept any orders after this moment, because we have to tell the number of trailers to the provider tomorrow. You have to transfer the amount (71,88€ a trailer) to your association who will get the invoice.



The Eurojam International Choir and Orchestra


The Eurojam International Choir and Orchestra is urgently looking for more choir singers and orchestra musicians as volunteers!


On its program:

- Eurojam Opening Ceremony

- Eurojam Opening Mass

- Eurojam Pilgrimages to Lisieux

- Folk Dance evening in Alençon for the people from the region

- Alençon is the capital of the Orne Department

- The people from the region will be curious about the Eurojam but can’t visit for security reasons

- Scouting Music Concert evening in Séez

- Séez is the seat of the diocese of the Eurojam

- Eurojam Closing Mass

- Eurojam Closing Ceremony


They are especially looking for:

- Choir: 3 Sopranos, 4 Altos, 9 Tenors, 9 Basses

- Brass: 3 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 1 Trombone

- Strings: 4 Violins, 3 Violas, 1 Bass

- Percussions: 2 Orchestral Percussionists


It is not necessary to be a rover or a ranger, or having been a scout or guide in the past. A minimal level of musical competence will be fine. If you are less than 18 years old, you can also participate, but you must be accompanied by an adult.


This is a full time commitment from July 26th (evening) till August 10th (evening), so it is not open for scouts or guides coming to the Eurojam, neither to leaders or volunteers who already have another task at the Eurojam.


Musicians can come with their family, with the other spouse taking care of the children. The Music Camp will be based most of the time in a school in Alençon, camping in the school garden and rehearsing in the school building.


There is a 2-step registration process:


1. http://goo.gl/3N9URj

2. http://goo.gl/1HfmsA

For more information, please contact Marie de Bonnaventure, the Music Camp Master, marie-sep@scouts-europe.org.


European Scout Museum


Welcome to the scouts and guides Venite et videte the European scout Museum!!!

Our history started with Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting in England, then with Father Jacques Sevin (in France), Jean Corbisier (in Belgium), and the Count Mario di Carpegna (in Italy) and so many others in diverse European countries or in the world.

Then the great European adventure started almost 60 years ago in 1956 in Koln, in Germany, which is the cradle of the European Scouting Federation (FSE)

Venite et videte the tracks of our history that you are still continuing to build today with this wonderful Eurojam in St Evroult

Venite et videte, with your troop or your company, the artefacts, the magazines, the badges, and original paintings which are the legacy of our beautiful movement

Abroad the borders, I‘m holding out my hand, Europe of my brothers and sisters is already born!

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We invite you to be a big community of prayer and action! The Eurojam preparation prayer can be found in all languages at:http://uigse-fse.org/fr/priere/


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your green branch national commissioners!


The new more informative version of Eurojam website is coming soon to help you stay up to date with Eurojam most current posts:http://www.eurojam.eu


Yours in scouting,

The Eurojam Preparation Team

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