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The official opening of the Eurojam will be a big ceremony on Sunday the 3rd of August on the ‘Our Lady of Peace Place’. But what will it look like? It is a secret…. But for you, this article opens a corner of the veil covering the mystery. Dance, flags, horses, balloons, film music,… here are some of the ingredients of the show, that will tell some of the story of the last century, war and peace. The choregraphs are rehearsing, as well as the choir and orchestra, to produce an amazing spectacle. This sound is so breathtaking that even the horses have to get used to it. Woodcraft machinery has been created for this occasion and is so well thought that some of its parts will be erected during the spectacle! Even Martin Hafner has some surprise for his scouts and guides. And then, the Eurojam will be offered to Our Saviour during a mass gathering more than 12000 scouts and guides from all over Europe.

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