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There is a possibility to do a twinning between your unit and another unit once or twice. Participation in the Venite et adiungite! is free. If you decide to join keep on reading:


  • 2 occasions of 2 hours for another twinning between your unit and another unit
  • This activity is free to choose!
    - Once offer your unit’s activity
    - Once participate in the activity of another unit


  • Think about an activity in Court of Honor
    ex. Olympic games
  • Unit leader checks if idea is feasible
  • Registration


  • •Internet platform (QUIPO):
    - As unit you can add an offer and publish a common   action to other units
    - Other unit can decide to participate and book your   offer
    - Then you get into contact!


  • Deadlines for “Venite et adiungite” activities are extended in order to give the possibility to all Units to give his proposal.
  • If you decide not to have activity with another Unit you have to mark in Quipo platform “No, I don’t want to propose any activity to another unit.
  • If you want to propose an activity to other Unit (we hope you do!) – please – be quik and take a decission in court of Honor with your patrol leaders and Unit leader register a proposal in Quipo system.

New deadlines

  • - Until the 22nd of April you can still submit a units’ proposal in Quipo platform
    From the 23rd of April everyone can see the published proposals on the EJ website and decide during a Court of Honor what to choose. If you want to know your twin Unit in ULC you have to register your 5 preferences on the Quipo platform before 28th of April.
    - During ULC you will be informed about the final twining for this activity.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the final listing.

You will find the links below:

  •   Twinings for venite et adiungite (active link to the document: Twins_Venite et Adiungite after ULC)


  • If you still haven’t proposed anything you still can! Or you can change your mind. Please find following an active google docs file where you can write your proposals or accept a proposal by inserting your unit number (active link to the document: Possible twinning for Adiungite).


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