Choose the game you want to win!

You can only choose a game within your constellation! Choose the one, you will enjoy the most and you will definitely win!

Corona Borealis

 The Northern Crown, is visible in the northern hemisphere in the spring and summer. It represents the crown that Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete, wore at her wedding. Her ball of thread helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur, and he gave her the crown when they married. The crown was created by the supreme goldsmith, Hephaestus. Corona Borealis is a small constellation located between Hercules and Boötes.

Corona Borealis constellation

#4614-84-FR – Baseball in the scout maneer

Venite y Adiungite

For this sharing day in company we invite your for playing to a sport game, a traditional game in the French scoutism :  La tèque.

It looks like a base-ball. Two teams face each other. A ball is throwing. One team throws the ball (team 1, in blue). The other one is catching it (team 2, in green.

For the team 1, the goal is to run from a base to another one and to complete a whole field. In order to complete, they hit the ball with a baseball bat as far as possible. When to ball is the air, he run to the first base (red) before an adversary catch the ball.

A player from the team 2, is throwing the ball (yellow), can not move from his place. Until his team doen’t give him back the ball, people from team 1 still can run to the next base.

For the team 2, the goal is to catch the ball before the player from the other team reach a base.

A player is eliminated if he is not on a base when to ball came back to the thrower, or if the ball is Catch in the flight by the catchers.

Two players can’t be on the same base. The first one on the place is eliminated if it occurs.

#277-84-FR – Unexpected pairs: guess the mime !

Let’s have fun, guessing the mime and singing together!

Explication of the game:

2 lists :

- 1 list of character : fireman, musician, teacher, policeman etc…

- 1 list of object : hammer, book, pencil, zapper etc..

BUT characters and objects may not have anything in common.

Each patrol gets at random one character and one object. This patrol has 5 minutes to prepare a story they will explain through 2 minutes of mime.

The other, mixed between country in small teams, have to discuss and annonce at the end both the character and the object.


1) Explain the game

2) Create the mixed patrols

3) Remain rules of pantomime (no sound, emphasis in time and space.. )

4) First patrol prepares, the others sing (we can bring guitare and other instruments, songs in every language )

5) First story

6) Second patrol gets his character and object and prepares, the other sings..


#294-84-FR – A giant cluedo in real size !

Do You know the principle of the Cluedo game ?

We invite you to play this game with our company. But every patrol will have to meet the other patrols to be exchanged information and tests will be organized by the leaders to obtain information….

#278-84-FR – Original expression

You all know about the Commedia dell’arte, legendary Greek tragedies, but do you know French theatre ? Do you know its amazing techniques ? You can come and discover them with the compagnie IIeme Cour-Dieu during one day. Our patrols are waiting for you and will be happy to make you learn them through many games !

Unit IIème Cour-Dieu, France

#301-84-FR – Team spirit!

“Team spirit” game may be divided in four steps:

First the girl guides will get to know each other thanks to a quick game.

Then, they have to display of team spirit to success during the human relay.

Later, Girl guides have to be quiet during a game approach.

Finally, they will finish the game with a huge “jungle speed”.

#943-84-FR – Olympiads

Competition between patrols with sport games requiring team spirit, agility, rapidity, strength…

#302-84-FR – The 12 stars’s mystery

Help us to find the missing stars by overcoming sporting games ! We need you to succeed !! :)

(This activity is a type of Olympic Game)

#285-84-FR – The Lady of the Forest

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…   The Lady of the Forest appeared. Her dress was made from ferns, sewed each other with branches. Many different little flowers covered her arms. There were violets on her crown.                                                             While she was moving forward, nature came with her.   Guides, we need you to realize such beautiful and NATURAL clothes. Take us in your dreams ! Then, imagine a story about your Lady and narrate it in a beautiful mise en scène.   Each patrol must make one fantastic dress made with natural elements. We look forward to seeing them !

#981-84-FR – Olympic games

Come and join us for an epic and “grandiose” round of sports games.

Bring your courage, your fair-play, your scout spirit and… good shoes!

Wear the most beautiful colours of your patrols!

It will be a day to remember…

#615-84-DE – Olympiade

little sportive and funny activity, without linguisitc problems!? ;)

#611-84-DE – An olympic race

You have to solve olympic task. Our teams will “fight” against the invited teams.

#612-84-DE – sports competition

three kinds of sport:

soccer volleyball baseball

with three or four other patrols

competition of altogether seven/eight patrols in each of this sports

we need: a camp for all these sports

the other patrols don’t have to bring material

they only need sportswear

#614-84-AT – top secret ;)

a little surprise ;)

#4235-84-PL – Sports games

We would like to play  various  sport – team games like for example: defending certain teritory on whiche is established a symbol of the troop ( scarf) or targeting a ball  against opposing team.

#5298-84-IT – We want to became good and beatiful citizens and guides!

Who says that to be beautiful you just have a pretty makeup? There are many ways to be beautiful without having to color your face. With this activity we want to try to produce beauty products suitable for camp life, using only natural products! We will also learn to produce products for the cleaning of the house (also usable at the camp) because a good guide is first and foremost a good citizen then he makes the preservation of environment a way of life.

#5293-84-IT – detenction ball with scout techniques

two teams challenge each other the goal is trapping the other members of the opposite team. to make this happen you have to hit the opponent directly with the ball. as soon as they’re hitten by the ball, they go inside the “prison” zone where they’ll attend to catch the ball in way to return to play the field is rectangular, divided in 2 bigger square. the prisoners have to stay outside this field in the opposite direction towards their team. the attacker is eliminated (and become prisoner) when the defender cought directly the ball the attacker launch against him

when you are prisoner in way to renter into the field you have to answer technical questions

#5362-84-IT – orienteerig

Orientation’s activity:

Objective: you find all point sign to the map in a short time and you do the quiz.

Development: in the game’s area there are 6/7 point (they marked with a sign); in all point the patrol do the question about scout’s knowledge.

When the patrol finished a question, they punch their map. After they look for other point.

When the patrol find all point and they do all question, they come back to the starting point.


The Swan, can be seen in the northern hemisphere between June and October. The swan is one of two birds along with Aquila, the Eagle, which are hunted by Hercules. There are a number of possible mythological origins for this constellation. In one version, the swan is the musician Orpheus, who was killed by Achilles at the battle of troy. Upon his death, he was placed among the stars with his harp, Lyra. In another version, the swan was the pet of the Queen, Cassiopeia.

Cygnus constellation

#270-45-FR – 3 challenges !

Come and experience with us all your scouting skills !

We invite you to share with us 3 challenges : scout knots, sport games and “expression” techniques !

#268-45-FR – Little olympics to share with us!

We will make all sorts of little games to have fun and spend a good time with other persons of the great Scout brotherhood!

#940-45-FR – Barbarian invasions

6th century : the world is devided. Four main tribes are trying to get as many territories as they need to create the History of Europe. We count the Jutes, the Visigoths, the Franks and the Lombards. Come and join your tribe to make this world the world you want it to be. The future is in your hands and it is your responsability to make it productive and powerful.

You’ll have to fight other tribes and conquer the countries.

Let’s see how brave you are!

#283-45-FR – traditional dances

Come with us to discover the french traditional dances!!

#935-45-FR – Giant baseball

2 units, against each other.

#284-45-FR – Go to the discovery of France !

The purpose: know more about French history and its geography

Every patrol is a team. Every « guide » and French leader are representatives of a region. They give information that enable foreign patrols to find on the map of France or what are the region. The purpose and also to teach them a song about a region of France.

Songs : – Vendôme (mes amies que reste-t-il) – En passant par la Lauraine – Un Gai luron des Flandre – Se canto

#288-45-FR – Olympic Game Normandy 2014

Come to measure your strengths, your bravery in a spirit of competitiveness but also brotherhood and enjoyment.  Represent your patrol et and particpe in the first Olympic games Of Normandy !!

To the program:

Tournament Battle  Multiple challenge  …

#298-45-FR – small games but great sports… come and laugh!

Compagny can share number of small games. It can get set up rapidely. You realy have to love sport to play and win!

Fresbee, thèque, beret, “So tells Jacques” are improved!

We can make a flash mob between two games to warm up and stretch out the muscles.

La compagnie vous partagera plusieurs petits jeux. Mis en place rapidement, ils demandent pas mal d’énergie pour gagner!

Fresbee, thèque, jacque a dit, bérêt sont revisités!

Ces jeux sportifs seront coupés d’une chorée pour s’échauffer et s’étirer… rires assurés

#299-45-FR – Stars game

Come to learn to recognize the constellations in the sky, to know their name and their story. Same evening, come to share an evening in stars. During the activity guides shall create a mini sketch to make discover a constellation to the others. Then realization of a sky map by patrol.

Venez apprendre à reconnaître les constellations dans le ciel, connaître leur nom et leur histoire. Le soir-même, venez partager une veillée aux étoiles. pendant l’activité les guides monterons un mini sketch pour faire découvrir une constellation aux autres. puis réalisation d’une carte du ciel par patrouille.

#289-45-FR – Troubadour .

Our company propose you to play a special game :

Come to enter in the troubadour’s world : It bears on learning songs in a ludic way and then dance all together.

We are looking forward to share this brotherly moment with your company ! Bring some dressing-up !

#290-45-FR – Tintin and the Thali of Maharani Kempa Nanja Ammani Avaru

Through this Tintin adventure, you will discover a wonderfull country. Elephant, silk, maharadja, spices, oils and any other jewels from India !

Be ready to play, to sing, to dance, to learn, to cook, to laugh, to enjoy, to smelt and to sneeze.

It gonna be the place to be !

#297-45-FR – Olympic games

Welcome to the joust of the companies!

Let’s test your team knowledges and spirit!

Make alliances to win the olympic palm!

#291-45-FR – Olympiad-Olympiade

This activity is a set of sport games, the victory is determined by the points of the best patrol – Cette activité est un ensemble de jeux sportifs, la victoire est déterminée par le nombre de points gagnés dans chaque jeux.

- To pull the rope – Tire à la corde

-To jump “the sheeps” ( one girl = one jump) – Saut de moutons

- To do a human pyramid – Pyramide humaine

- To catch the scarf’s unit – Attrape foulards

#300-45-FR – French little games

France is known for her gastronomy, for Paris, for the French politeness, elegance, manners. Each patrol prepare a game to introduce the french culture to stranger patrols.

#4181-45-PL – Palant (the game like baseball)

#4240-45-PL – Games and funs

Games and funs (elements of dance, singing, fun integration).

#5358-45-IT – partita a baseball scout + attività di conoscenza


The activity starts by calling the guides in a meeting place, where they are given one balloon per each squadron. In the ballon they’ll find a little puzzle inside; they’ll have to find the other squadron that has THE exact corresponding puzzle: this way they’ll be twinned. After translating the morse message together, they’ll start with the stands. 1–> at the first stand the chief will give an azimuth to indicate the place where the guides have to look for the hidden flags of their own country; then they’ll have to build a ladder to reach them. 2–> the chief will tell the girls that a misterious animal is hiding around: they will see it only after pronouncing a magic sentence they have to create respectively in the other squadron’s language ( the sentence has to rhyme and they obviously must know the meaning). 3–> time relay race, with the purpose to get the little sheets with the names of public personalities of their own two countries; they have to group the personalities basing on their functions ( i.g.: Napolitano/ Hollande –> politicians). 4–> they will have to create, by using only natural materials, some objects to offer the Lord. Moreover They will have to compose a thanking prayer in English language by which they are explaning the symbol value and expressing their gratitude for the wonderful living experience.

At the end of each stand every twinned-squadron will get a piece of the final puzzle resulting from the union of every squadron pieces. In the end the final picture will show the writing: ESTOTE PARATI  and all the girls’ names.


 The Harp or Lyre, is best seen in June through October in the northern hemisphere. It represents an ancient musical instrument known as a Lyre, which is similar to a harp. The Lyre was invented by Hermes as a gift to his half-brother Apollo, who gave it to Orpheus, the musician of the Argonauts.

Lyra constellation

#934-70-FR – Do you want to dance with us?

Come learn with us a choreography!  we will share a good time, in laughter and dance;  we have a unit music and a unit choreography, we can teach you these; you can also teach us a special dance, with music or a song of your country; we will have a camera to film our final performance!! Dance brings together young people from all countries. Come share this good time with us: good humor and simplicity are at the rendezvous!

venez apprendre avec nous une chorégraphie! nous partagerons un bon moment, dans le rire et la danse;  nous avons une musique de compagnie et une chorégraphie de compagnie, que nous pourrons vous apprendre; vous pouvez également nous apprendre une danse spéciale, sur une musique ou un chant de votre pays; nous aurons une caméra pour filmer notre prestation finale la danse réunit les jeunes de tous les pays! venez partager ce bon moment avec nous, que la bonne humeur et la simplicité soient au rendez-vous!!

#274-70-FR – come, rise and see !!

We want to help you to access higher places, so we decided to create with you a traditional means to take high : stilts !!!

After explaining how people used to use it before in our region, we will create it together and have a running time with them !

#272-70-FR – Olympics games 2014

Dare to the differents foreigners teams throughout the various games and win your place on the podium!


#271-70-FR – WANTED: the stars of the european flag

The stars of the european flag have disapperead. You have to run the European countries in order to play various games wich would use different scouting skills to get the stars back and put the stars back on European flag.

#273-70-FR – Circenses et panem: Cesar’s Games!

Come at Rome’s great circus to prove the Emperor that you worth it and win Victory’s Laurels.

In order to win those games you’ll have to display strengh, skill and strategy but above all cohesion!

Strengh will be represented by Roman Wrestling, Speed and cohesion by Relay race and Horses races, finally strategy by “The great reconstitution of Rome’s victory over Persians” (scarf fight).

Through those diffrent trials you’ll have to fight to win and recieve from Emperor’s hands Victory’s crown of laurels as well as his consideration.

Are you ready to take up this challenge?

#985-70-FR-A – The Labours of Hercules (small games in the French manner)

Hercules, the famous demigod, was kidnapped. You are his most loyal friends and you’ll have to pass in his place tests that the gods have prepared to him, to see if he is worthy to get to Mount Olympus. But Hades, the god of the death, is ready to do anything to stop you in your quest. Are you ready to thwart his traps?

#985-70-FR-B – The conquest of the St Michel mount.

Seize the st michel mount freeing one by one the fourth cardinal points!

To free the North, play the Wolf, the one touched carry the precedent wolf.

In order to free the South, a norvegian flag.

A staff to conquish the East.

chicken fight on sliding tarpaulin, and finally let’s free the mount st michel abbey with a thèque!

#985-70-FR-C – The six trials of the guide

Type of activity : Olympiad

In France, every guide is determined to accomplish six taste destined to prove her devotion for her patrol and her homeland. Therefore, we propose you to take part at these trials in order to show your motivation !

#985-70-FR-D – In search of Pharaoh’s son

The son of the pharoh has been kidnapped! The kidnappers are holding a  high ranson and the pharaoh is worried for his son. You are chosen to find and bring him back to the pharaoh safe and sound. For this,  you will need to go through the perillous roads of egypt and win physical tests such as tug of war, the race in potatoe bags et a lot more. You shouldn’t be afraid of getting wet !

#985-70-FR-E – You must save Europe

Type of activity: Olympiad

Seeing the end of the world happening, Lucifer stakes everything in order to divide the mankind. He creates a disastrous earthquake on the whole earth. Its terrific shocks separate countries from each other making populations cut off from each other’s.

Europe is especially damaged. She needs you! There isn’t much time; countries should be gathered before Lucifer’s armies have fully destroyed your homeland’s symbols!

But never forget that mutual aid is your best strength. Remain unified; this is your only chance to win. Feel reassured, you are not alone, lean on the grace of God, trust Him, He will never abandon you.

Be confident to your companions in order to triumph against the test of water. You will also have to give evidence of skill in the archery to get rid of Lucifer’s armies. You will have to be a strategist to win the battle of scarf.

You are the hope of Europe.

#985-70-FR-F – Duc in Altum!

Half of Christophe Colomb crew has died in Caribbean ocean. He must find new sailors as soon as possible to be able to return to Spain! Activity : Olympiad. Various game/ tests about nodes, remote transmission (semaphore, light/sound morse), notion of first aid

#522-70-CH – In the competition to face the Honcho!

The Honcho (=Grand Manitou) spread terror everywhere… Come on in and face other patrols physicaly. The best one will have to brave the big boss. don’t be afraid… … be courageous and strooooong! > Olympics

#523-70-CH – Olympiads

#524-70-CH – Olympic games

There are many posts and the strength, the agility, the fair-play and the the solidarity of the patrols are tested.

It’ll be a moment of joy and pleasure for the guides :)

#2324-70-ES – FLAG GAME

There are two teams (patrols) each one with a flag; red flag and blue flag. First of all, they have to descypher an encripted code written in morse, in order to find their own flag (that has been hiden by the unit chief). Then they can start searching the flag of the other team. But they have to be careful, because if one person of the other team catch them in their territory, they are punished staying out of the game for some minutes.

The team who finds the other flag firt wins the game!

#2323-70-ES – Capture the flag

#2322-70-ES – Surprise!

#4225-70-PL – Volleyball competition

We would like to propose volleyball competition.


Sport is healthy. :)

Volleyball is a team sport – it requires cooperation in patrol.

It’s well known and rules are simple – good scout methods should be simple.

We can check our fairness while playing against other unit.

We will have a lot of joy and we’ll spend time good .

In our unit 8 guides (in two patrols) are going to partcipate in Eurojam, so the best twinnig will be with suchlike unit. However we invite also bigger teams – it’s possible to perform few rounds and create real rivarly.

#4232-70-PL – Sport activities

#4222-70-PL – Sports activities and games

The activity consists of two elements.

We will have some sports activities together (for example a match, race, obstacle course or others, individual or in patrols).

We also want to teach you a few short games (like dances, songs with gestures, funny games that you can play in the patrol) that are popular in our company and learn your favourite games from you.

Please contact us for more information:

#4242-70-PL – Surprise!

#4255-70-PL – sport!

We would like to do some sport activity. We are thinking of some bigger game, tournament or ‘olympic games’. We are open to your suggesrions – if you like volleyball we can play it, but if you prefer football – no problem! Let’s do it together!

#5375-70-IT – olimpiadi

vorremmo proporre un’ olimpiade che comprenda una serie di sfide tra cui giochi con la palla e altro .

Ursa Major

The Great Bear, is visible in the northern hemisphere all year long. It is one of the best-known constellations and is famous for containing a series of stars known as the Big Dipper. The shape of the bear can clearly be seen under dark skies, with the handle of the dipper making up the bear’s tail. During the Civil War, the Big Dipper was used by the Underground Railroad. Slaves escaping from the South were told to follow the “drinking gourd” to a better life. This is because the Big Dipper is circumpolar, meaning it can be see in the North all night long. The message of the drinking gourd was passed along in the form of song, since most of the slaves were unable to read or write.

Ursa Major constellation

#292-28-FR – Run or sing ? This the question…

Olympic games and singing !

#304-28-FR – Topography game

Amiens ‘ company offer to motivate patrols a topography game to learn to use an azimut or to learn new code for chat an original way with your patrols or friends ! Come and learn !

Please, bring compass, paper and pen.

#941-28-FR – Breton at Eurojam!

On the occasion of its selection to Eurojam, the IInd Brest created a great show to recount this adventure. On the program, acts with technics of evening activities more varied one than other, games, singing and dancing! All topped off by a large special Eurojam choreography that we will be happy to teach you!

#296-28-FR – Olympics Game

Implementation of various sports and learning of dances.

The aim is for the patrols to get to know each other.

Asterix and Obelix for that will compete during a training camp in order to select the team that will liberate Alesia from the Romans!

#280-28-FR – Sports Game – mix the teams!

We propose a Sports game in which the company could confront each other like a Rugby or a Baseball game ! And we could mix French and Foreigner for the composition of the teams !

#936-28-FR – Olympics games

It is sport games between 2 companies for test their strength.

#279-28-FR – Game of the goose on scoutism

It is a “snake and ladders” sort of game. You will have to compete with your opponents on subjects such as sports, nature, first aid, topography ans Europe. You will have to pass as many tests as possible to win. Good luck and may the best win !

#275-28-FR – Between korrigans and Circassian circle, giggles are guaranteed !

Dear guide, come to dicover our region : Bryttany, which never stops amazing you !

Through small sports games, singing and typically Breton dances, we shall try to spend a good moment and to share with you some aspects of our traditional culture !

See you soon !!!

#305-28-FR – Fight against amnesia

You have a story, your own story. But you don’t remember it!

However, other patrols know something about you. So, you have to meet other patrols to ask them things about you.

Nevertheless, sometimes, you might get pieces of information from others even if you succeed at a test!

In the same way, other patrols meet you to ask you about themselves.

#276-28-FR – Knights of Blanche of Castile

“Hear, Hear! Ladies and Knights. On this day of the year two thousand and fourteen, you are invited to games in honor of our beloved Queen Blanche of Castile. She returned from a pilgrimage to Rocamadour country. You will have to arm youselves with your family’s color, your loyalty and your grace to defend with friendship the honor of your country. Hurry up to show your talents and chivalry to our queen by this tournament!”

(The activity is olympics !)

#295-28-FR – a painting by Claude Monet stolen !

Claude Monet is an important character of Normandy and wellknown in the whole world for his grand paintings, or one of them is missing…

- sport lap to discover some part of the paint

- questions on Claude Monet’s life

- build an easel in froissartage to help Claude Monet because he want to paint again

#942-28-FR – At the discovery of France

Join us for an interactive cultural evening* mixing plays, little games and songs, if you want to learn more about France and his traditions !

*Evening : Usually, this activity takes place at the evening, near the fire. In France, during this activity, every patrol presents a play (like theater) with different techniques of expression.

#945-28-FR – preparation of an evening gathering

study differents technics in workshops and prepare the evening gathering using them

#286-28-FR – the 12 works of Hercules

The various teams will meet to clash in various sport and technical challenges…

“We have several teams in string for the next Olympic Games. As wants it the Greek tradition, the qualifications are done on the model of 12 work of Hercules, emblematic figure of the sport and the victory. Gather your teams, choose your champions and combine has new athletes. The victory is with range of amity”

#689-28-BE – Surprise!

#805-28-BY – Let’s have fun!

Funny cake recipe:

- 200 grams of the Belarusian national Zumba;

- 1 cup of Town Musicians of Bremen Homel;

- 3 tablespoons of active games.


- 1 liter of face-to-face communication;

- 5 cups of enthusiasm.

#807-28-BY – Merry Dances

We will teach different kinds of dances such as

1.”Polka” (Belarusian national dance)

2. “Liavoniha” (Belarusian national dance)

3. ”Kiedy umre, kochanie” (Polish dance)

4. “Belgian Dance”

There also will be mini-games.

#2061-28-BY – Surprise!

#1844-28-LT – Dragons, Travelers and Angel

3 main groups: Dragons, Tavelers and Angels.

4 territories – Dragon’s Land, Traveler’s Land, Heaven and Neutral area.

Travelers aim - is to arrest all dragons and take secret object from the dragon’s land. But travelers can walk just in the groups of four people and catch dragon by surounding it.

Dragons aim  - to capture all travelers and protect secret object. Dragons can move alone. However, they can catch just single travelers who are not with the group of four. (Dragons group are smaller).

Angles aim - to take arrested dragons or travelers to Heaven, where they have to make hard tasks and challenges in order to come back to the game.

Game is finished when one or another part is gone or travelers had taken secret object from Dragon’s land

There is some certain roules about different territories and ways how each group can get extra points.

This we will explain when your company will decide to have this adventure together :)

Venite et Adiugite!

Company of st. Elizabeth of Hungary from Lithuania

#4216-28-PL – Surprise!

#4223-28-PL – Śmiech to zdrowie, a zabawa to niesamowity sposób na przyjaźń.

KALAMBURY. W grze bierze udział 8 zastępów. Grę można prowadzić na kilka różnych sposobów. Może być wiele kategorii. Uczestnicy mogą byc pomieszani na różne sposoby.

Dzielimy się na dwa zespoły, które będą ze sobą rywalizować. Możemy podzielić zastępy po dwa. Wtedy zabawa będzie w cztetech grupach, po dwa zastępy. Wcześniej mamy przygotowane kareczki z hasłami ( w języku naszym i drużyny, która bierze udział w zabawie).

1 sposób: Jedna osoba z 1 drużyny ma za zadanie przedstawić zagadnienie z wylosowanej karteczki swojej drużynie, tak ażeby zgadli jak najwięcej zagadanień w ciągu 2 min. Potem 1 osoba z drugiej drużyny predstawia drugiej drużynie.Wygrywa ta drużyna, w które ostało odgadniętych więcej haseł.

2 sposób: Jedna osoba z 1 drużyny przedstwia hasła, tak, żeby odgadał 1 drużyna, ale 2 drużyna także może odgadywać. Wygrywa ta drużyna, która odgadnie więcej haseł. Potem zmiana, predstawia osoba z 2 drużyny. Przedstawianie trwa tu także 2 min.

3 sposób: Osoba zupełnie z zewnątrz ( z żadnej drużyny) ma za zadanie przedsatwiac dwóm zespołom zagadanienia. Wygrywa ta drużyna, która odgadnie więcej zagdanień w ciągu 2 min.

Czas można zmieniać, różne kombinacje zestawienia drużyn także.

#4226-28-PL – Learn to dance

We want to propose you learning two national Polish dances:) (2 hour)

#5373-28-IT – Surprise!

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