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The most spoken languages in the Eurojam will be French, Italian and Polish, and it’s because there are hundreds or even thousands of scouts and guides coming from these countries. But in UIGSE we speak lots of other languages! The bivouac coded as FA-7, which forms part of the “Foederis Arca” sub-camp, is a good example of the European Scouting diversity. There we can find camping together some troops fiercely representing their countries: Czech Republic, Portugal, Belarus and Lithuania. “It’s great to have scouts from different countries in our area; if they were only French it wouldn’t be so interesting”, comments Stanislau, a group chief from Belarus. “Here cooperation is great”, adds Jan, chief in the 1st Prague.

The scouts camping in the bivouac FA-7 come from some of the smallest national associations of the UIGSE: in Czech Republic it has 100 members, as well as in Lithuania: “we’re just like a big family”, says Thomas, scout chief in Vilnius. “For us it’s really cool that so many scouts gather”, explains Stanislau. He exposes that in his country there’s no possibility to make the boys so conscious about the real dimension of European Scouting.

All chiefs agreed in saying that the boys aren’t already completely aware about what’s about to start here. Jan says that “for the moment, they are acting as if this was a normal summer camp”. “We tried to give the scouts an idea about what they were going to find at the Eurojam, but it hasn’t been until we arrived here that they have noticed this camp was somehow different”, explains Tiago, from Portugal.

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