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On Friday, August the 8th at 8.30pm, a concert-vigil concluded the scout cultural festival in Our Lady’s basilica in Alençon.

This festival enabled the AGSE to make herself more known by general public. More precisely, it made possible an interaction with the inhabitants of the Orne who welcomed our 12000 scouts during the whole length of the Eurojam. After having shown a film telling a story about Scouts and Guides of Europe and organised a folk dance, the European movement ended it with a concert-vigil to finish it off with songs.

This concert-vigil was put in place by the choir and orchestra of the Guides and Scouts of Europe. They meet throughout the whole year to be able to provide a performance of exceptional quality. Thus, they intoned masterpieces of the great European repertoire (Beethoven’s hymn to joy, Tchaïkovsky’s Sleeping Beauty…), film themes (Hans Zimmer’s Gladiator, Michael Kamen’s Robin Hood…), scout songs (Promise song, The Cossacks, Dans la toupe…) or even animated songs (The little Vicar, The Camel…). Thus, the artists successively winded and softened the public thanks to their talent. All of the faces were alight and smiling at the great Basilica’s exit point.

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