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One of the most important point on the Eurojam is ‘côte 309’, which means that point is 309 meters above the sea level. If you do not know where it is and if you are a volunteer, you are lost because nearly everything goes through that place. Next to the biggest meeting plain is the delivery place for the material trucks which can receive 10 of them at the same time. The ordered trailers are waiting for the scouts! It is also the place where the construction wood for the patrols is delivered, sorted and redistributed. 15x3m+18x6m per patrol, counting 1589 patrols, it makes several kilometers of wood! But for ten days, only 4 people were managing the zone. Fortunately, they are now often between 10 and 20. However, they still hardly sleep and wake up very early. They deserve all the participants’ gratitude!


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