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How to communicate with the others during the Eurojam without mobile phones or Internet? How to communicate with the others in the forest?

There is a solution. Each day you will be able to read  the latest scout news in the daily Eurojam newspaper. It is your internal means of communication with the scout’s world.  

You can write an article to Eurojam newspaper. Tell everybody how your Eurojam day is, share your experience with the others. Be a part of current, polyphonic chronicle of Eurojam. Be part of the creation of a material archive of this Eurojam.

Eurojam Newspaper Reporter Badge

Basic part

1. You have written an article for the paper about your patrol’s Eurojam life (150 words).

2. You have met the Eurojam newspaper editor. You have respected editor’s comments, and rewritten your article on the computer.

Choose 4 of these 8 tasks

1. You have translated your article (written in your national language) to English or French.

2. You have brought to the editor office a photo to with your article (it was a photo from your camera or from your patrol’s chronicle).

3. You have undertaken an interview with two other patrols from diffrent countries about their regions.

4. You have made a drawing of the Eurojam camp for the Eurojam newspaper or your patrol’s chronicle.

5. You know how to say “Good morning”, “Goodbye” and “Thank you” in 7 languages. You have used some of those expressions at Eurojam.

6. You have described (in the patrol’s chronicle) how you have been preparing for Eurojam with your patrol.

7. You have undertaken an interview with your twin patrol about their preparation for Eurojam.

8. You have described the history of one of your twin patrols.

If the Court of Honor confirms that you have achieved the badge, your bivouac or unit leader can collect a badge for you from the editors office.

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