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Welcome to the scouts and guides Venite et videte the European Scout Museum!!!

Our history started with Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting in England, then with Father Jacques Sevin (in France), Jean Corbisier (in Belgium), and the Count Mario di Carpegna (in Italy) and so many others in diverse European countries or in the world.

Then the great European adventure started almost 60 years ago in 1956 in Koln, in Germany, which is the cradle of the European Scouting Federation (FSE)

Venite et videte the tracks of our history that you are still continuing to build today with this wonderful Eurojam in St Evroult

Venite et videte, with your troop or your company, the artefacts, the magazines, the badges, and original paintings which are the legacy of our beautiful movement

Abroad the borders, I‘m holding out my hand, Europe of my brothers and sisters is already born!


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