Impressions from the Unit Leaders’ Camp Kraal

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Eurojam has taken off! All unit leaders have fastened their seatbelts and are giving their full attention to the various briefings given at the conferences: pilgrimage, ceremony animation, food, health, general rules, style, expression.  atmosphere was incredible in spite of the rain, and enthusiasm accelerated hour by hour. Tomorrow Eurojam becomes even more concrete, as the Unit Leaders will go into the forests to set foot on their campsites; as well as discovering the playgrounds for Venite et Vincite!

Then the Italians and Polish leaders will then spend another 24 hours in their coaches to go back home. What sacrifices to allow Europe’s youth of tomorrow to grow up together. Thank you! Only the Lord knows the true size of the hearts of our unit leaders.

Text: Martin Hafner, photo: Joanna Maj

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