Choose the game you want to win!

You can only choose a game within your constellation! Choose the one, you will enjoy the most and you will definitely win!


The Eagle, is visible in the northern hemisphere from July through October. It represents the bird that carried the mortal Ganymede to the heavens to serve as Zeus’ cupbearer. Aquila is located on the celestial equator, which is the center of an imaginary globe of stars around the Earth known as the celestial sphere. This constellation is the home of Altair, the 11th brightest star in the night sky.

Aquila constellation

#1534-19-FR – The art of camouflage

The art of camouflage is a not very well-know scout technique. However, this technique facilitates approach and observation and nature gives us all elements to practise this art such as mud or plants. To perform well you need to adapt to any element of the situation such as light, shadow or colours of the area.

This activity is divided on two parts, the first one is theorical and the second one is practical.

The first part tend to cover all the different ideas which make somebody able to use this technique. For exemple how to progress efficiently and quietly in any areas.

The practical part aim to use all the theory learnt before by taking part in a game.

The troop of Chateau du Loir offers you to participate to this event.

#1533-19-FR – Olympiads

The Olympiads will be centered around small challenges which would oppose the patrols : throwing of polynesian arrows, charot racing, tug of war, hand fight.

There will be a tutorial for building chariots and polynesian arrows if needed.

#1526-19-FR – Ovalies Games

Come with your patrol for a chalenge ! The scout game archetypal ! Come match other units to demonstrate your bravery !

A tournament, a same passion : play with an oval ball to place him in Promised Land !

A real moment of enjoyment and pleasure offered by brave troop Our Lady of the Dombes

Come what may, Dombes is there !

#4600-19-FR – Traditionnal weaving of pandanus (directly brought with us from australes islands) – tressage traditionnel des iles australes ( à partir de pandanus directement importés des archipels polynésiens)

Ia’ Orana;

A partir de la feuille séchée du pandanus, la troupe proposera une initiation au tressage traditionnel, activité trés répandue et réputée des ïles Australes, un des 5 archipels de la Polynésie Française. Chaque participant avec l’aide d’un scout de la troupe de papeete pourra réaliser un objet de son choix ( ceinture, set de table et pour les plus adroits chapeau traditionnel). Cette activité sera une occasion de découvrir la Polynésie au travers d’une de ses traditions les plus vivantes, le tressage, mais aussi des échanges à venir entre les participants. Notre ambition est que chacun reparte avec un petit bout de Polynésie et une connaissance des traditions vivantes de notre Pays ( le Fenua).

From the sheet(leaf) dried by the pandanus, the troop will propose an initiation into the traditional plaiting, the very wide-spread and renowned activity of the Southern islands, one of 5 archipelagoes of the French Polynesia. Every participant, by means of a boy scout of the troop of Papeete can realize an object of his choice (belt, place mat, and for the most skillful traditional hat). This activity will be an occasion to discover Polynésie through one of its most alive traditions. The plaiting, but also exchanges to come between the participants. Our ambition is that each leaves(restarts) with a small end of Polynésie and a knowledge of the alive traditions of our Country. (Fenua)

#1495-19-FR – scout rallye

We propose to share a rallye: the aim is to do a kind of orientation race, and instead of “sign” at each point, the patrol have to try a challenge, in order to get another azimuth to go to the next point.

challenges would be like: – sport: “combat de coq” (cock fight) (face to face, hands in their back, and crouching down, each scout have to make the other scout fall. Needs balance, agility, health (or another and more original sport challenge: I’m open to other ideas). – knots: realize useful knots (the chief would show them if they don’t know, for they could learn and apply it immediatly) (ex: to stretch a cord between to points, to ensure them for climbing, to make a scale…..) – nature knowledge: bring tree species according to their characteristics (good for fire, good for construction, good to make a bow…). Idem, we would prepare a recap with the form of the leafs, for they can recognize it, and remember it for their activites after eurojam. – evening gathering “veillée” technics: whether singing, whether learn or improve and apply a knew technic for sketches – raid: make a topographical report of a little zone ? (to be confirmed)

Possible to adapt the challenges with the Unit Leader who will make this with me, in order to make the scouts of both units progress. Possible to integrate other challenges managed by the chiefs of the other unit, if you want.

Number of patrols: – actually depends on the number of unit leaders who are ready to manage a challenge: the more we are, the more the race will take interest for scouts.

#1502-19-FR – Little games, lots of fun!

Well, basically we will propose a list of differents games, and 3 will be chosen by leaders and patrols. Mean time of each will game will be 30 minutes, every patrols are competing against each others (some games troop versus troop). Ranking by parols and by troop at the end.

Definitive list of games to be completed.

#1527-19-FR – monopoly with human size

#1531-19-FR – Scout Ball

We propose a ScoutBall championship,

Scoutball is a team sport in which two patrolls, score points against one another by grounding the ball behind the goal line. It is a simple game that does not need particular equipment, tries to limit the physical contact between players and gives attention to the typical outspokenness and fair play of Boy Scouts. So if your boys want to do some sports and have great time just come!

#1496-19-FR – Race Hebert

It’s a race with a lot of different activity like jumping above a hedge or crawling under branches for 10 merters. An other activity could be walking in a monkey bridge. On the whole it’s a mix of tree climbing and running in the woods.

#1820-19-AT – watergames

at a lake little games in little groups and little olympiade

verry important: you need cars to go to the lake. (my troop, we have cars only for us)

#2002-19-DE – Olymic Games

You have the chance to take part at Olympic Games with special und exciting diciplines. Events like Climbing , Archery with self made bows and many others are planned. The scouts have the possibility to meet German patrols and compete against them. It will be a great adventure fot the scouts.

#4205-19-PL – Let `s play!

We`d like to invite You for a game… My troop like: fight, topography and first aid.

W want to prepare short game, which will sum little quantity of each of this scout technique.

#4214-19-PL – Scout Olympic Games

If you want to spend this time of venite and adungite playing scout games come and join us! We offer this activites for meet each other and check from which country patrols are the best :) We are confident that we will have a great time!

You will learn know new typical polish games: Submarines, Manzo, Tanks, Bavarian tractor… and many others. Maybe you know another interestin game and want to show it to us?:) . Come and clash with the oldest scout troop in Wroclaw. The strongest will win!

See you in France,

1. Troop of Wroclaw

#4245-19-PL – Games on fire camp

Game on fire camp differ from each other in in different countries. Let’s learn each other’s games!

#4260-19-PL – Football match

We invite to play together football match. We can make some kind of little tournament or just play our Team versus your Team.

#6558-19-IT – Scoutiadi

Welcome to the Olympics scout!

The two main games of scoutiadi will be:

Rugby scout Appil(game similar to lippa, similar to golf).

A brief regulations!

Yours in scouting.

#6541-19-IT – Sport game tournament

We would like to invite others 2 patrols to play an epic tournament of Scout ball. (Palla scout).

Some basics rules:

- Patrols have to challenge other 3 patrols in the tournament.

- To score you must bring the ball over the scoreline at the and of the play field

- Every player has a piece of fabric on the back, tide to the trousers. while he’s holding the ball can be temporary eliminated pooling this fabric off. In this way you can stop the play and gain a tactical advantage. (“scalpo”)


#6570-19-IT – Game: the 4 bunkers and the catapults

4 teams will prepare their own bunker where to hide a flag. They will build also a catapult to defend the site. Scope of the game is to take as much flag as possible form the adversary bunkers in a specific amount of time. The defense can be on field with personal challenges or by remote with the catapults that will fire paper balls to hit the other team members. Come to Lear how to build a catapult and to win the great prize!

#6575-19-IT – a sport-game called “paletto”

Paletto is a sports game based on physical strength, speed, agility, cunning and above all loyalty.The proposed activity is a tournament in the group stage of this sports game.

a match game is played for 15 minutes, with two halves of 7 minutes and 1 minute break.  the goal is to make more points than opponent, to the point you have to hit a pole planted in the ground surrounded by a circular area with a ball. The field is rectangular with two internal areas to the left and right limits of the field. it is important to defend your area and attack the opponent pole.  There are three rules: you only play with your hands, the ball can be handled for a maximum of 3 steps or 5 seconds, if a defender enters his area there is a penalty shoot.


Aries can be seen in the northern hemisphere during the late winter and early spring. It is a small constellation bounded by Taurus, Pisces, and Cetus. Aries is an ancient constellation, which was known as the Ram to the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Persians. In Greek mythology, it represents the ram from which the golden fleece was obtained in the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

Aries constellation

#1513-51-FR – Transmission Game (with walkie-talkies !)

Firstly, we will learn to patrols how to use walkie-talkies and the proceedings in communication by it (international alphabet, keywords,…)

Second, we propose a little game (ever played once with our troop during the year) in the which patrols will have to use codes, tactical plans, reflexion…and action to reach a specific mission !

#1561-51-FR – Olympiades

We propose an “Olympiades” activity with different trials. All patrols from both troops will be in competition.

#1518-51-FR – Tchoukball tournament

The tchoukball is a funny sport, created near Geneve in the 60′s.

It’s a mix between handball and volleyball, easily playable in a scout activity.

We will organize a tournament between differents patrols.

Here’s a video of what’s tchoukball.

#1515-51-FR – Polynesian arrow

The idea is to make a Polynesian arrow (before or on site). Then make it fly as far as possible the form of concour.

#1514-51-FR – Olympiads

Our troop challenges you during major sporting events. The program includes traditional events, but also innovative events. Hope to beat us, you will need precision, strength, technique, and most impeccable Scout spirit and a desire to have fun! Planning a challenge that you will propose us. You are awaited …

#1504-51-FR – Ballon game

#1517-51-FR – The Funny Olympic Games (The FOG)

The FOG are simple sports games where you can demonstrate your sportsmanship and your agility.

How high you’re able to jump ? How long you’re able to jump ? How long are you able to throw your shoes ? How fast is your reaction ?

Come and measure yourself against patrols of the IIIe Bourges from France, they will be happy to pass good moments with you !

Contact :

#1779-51-BE – Savate

“Savate” is a variant of rugby. It’s a game played by two teams, loved in our belgian unit.

#2327-51-ES – Lantern construction

The purpose of the activity is to make a lantern to send morse messages during the night. We will do it following a simple but effective diagram of a electronic circuit. Our troop is gonna bring all the electronical material.

#2330-51-ES – Surprise!

#2328-51-ES – Exchange

I would like my troop to meet other patrols from other counties

#4203-51-PL – The “Silent Unseen” (commandos) training

During this activity you will go to the reality II World War. It is the year 1942. You are coming to Scotland, to training camp for polish commandos  (“Silent Unseen”, “Cichociemni”), which after training will be thrown to occupied Poland for being leaders of polish partisans (“Home Army”, “Armia Krajowa”). During this training you are learning physical fitness, creeping, making ambushes, throwing grenades, shooting, etc. Mainly technique: Olympic games.

#4209-51-PL – Common Expression

We would like to organize a joint workshop about expression.

#4196-51-PL – Healthy mind in a healthy body

Atmosphere of the Olympic Games. Instead blood, sweat and tears you and your unit find brotherly atmosphere and having fun. Simple tasks will make you a lot of trouble, and your head all the time is invented new strategies. A lot of short games, where an interesting way to learn about the powers of your body.

#4238-51-PL – Just let us do it together!

We want to jointly implement workshops scouting techniques and common expressions.

#6573-51-IT – tournament stake (sport game)

The playing field consist of a rectangle (15×8 m) which contains two circled areas (one next to the the end of the playing field and the other next to the other side) where there are the stakes planted in the middle.

To score a goal you must to strike the stake of the other team without going through the circled area. The team which score more goals wins.

Every Player mustn’t do more than three steps and mustn’t keep the ball for more than five seconds before to pass it.

My troop is formed of three teams and every team has 5 guys (average age 14). Every team could play with every other teams in short matches (8-9 minutes).

3 points for wins, 1 for draws, 0 for defeat.

We are waiting for you to share togheter this beautiful moment. The fun is assured.


The Lion, can be found in the northern hemisphere in the spring and southern hemisphere in autumn. It was named after the Nemean lion, which was killed by Hercules on the first of his twelve labors for the king of Mycenae. According to legend, the lion had a hide that could not be pierced by iron, bronze, or stone. Hercules strangled the great beast after unsuccessfully trying to reason with it. The ancient Egyptians worshiped Leo as the place where the Sun rose after creation.

Leo constellation

#527-4-CH – olympiades chez les helvètes

Olympiads between the 2 units:

differents tests patrol against patrol: physical activities, different kines of games where you need to be intelligent and united

#525-4-CH – Olympiad

Succession of team games.

Small races, challenges and other activities.

#526-4-CH – Olympiad.

The main basis of the activity will be a competition around 4 different games :

-A contest of ballon game with some particular rules.

-A game where 2 patrols will be in a cercle define,and the last people (s) inside will win. It is a bit as a Sumo fight but with 2 teams of let us say 5 or 6 peoples.

-A race of chariot made in wood by the patrols. Each patrols must mak his own chariot and manage the race with it.

-A fight also knows as ‘cock fight’, where indeed each participant as to be in his legs as a cock and fight in this position in a clear and define area. In fact each participants has a life representing by a scarf set behind him and when he loses it he lost his life and he go out of the zone.The last participant (s) win and within him/them the patrol to who they belong win.

#748-4-SK – Knights service

We would like to share this adventure with other unit:

Every knight is brave, honest and at any time ready to serve. Our patrol – group of knights – will join with other patrol and they will together spent whole day on the way of service. They have to do service for nearby living people in Saint Evrolt Notre Dame du Bois. They will have one paper with them. On the paper will stand: “We don’t understand french, but we want to help you! Could you please give us some work for 2 hours ? It is free of charge but on reward we would like your drawing of something you would like to have the most – what is your dream…” They will collect their 2 hours works all day. So at the end of the day they will end with 2-3 of such drawings.

Winner of this activity is everybody who found at least 1 of such work. At the end of this activity we will pray together rosary and intentions of this rosary will be drawing that they brought from their explorations.

We can invite 6 non-french patrols. Only because of “adventure” of non-speaking of french. We have ourselve only 6 patrols.

#1499-4-FR – Play with a patrol of France

We propose to create a game for the two troops. Each patrol of both troops would be the ally of a patrol of the other troop. There would be scarf fight and base taking during half a day. It would be a mini Game of the Games.

#1559-4-FR – Cooking Contest

Each patrol have to cook a typical meal of his country.

The meal can be based on technicity, history…

#1520-4-FR – Game

2 parts in this competition

1 – Patience Game : the patrols have to stay  on the longest time in the “Cochon pendu” position in order to win time for the next step.

2 – Sport activities :Hébert : We are going to show the others patrols a great parcours hébert with original steps.

Maybe an other step will be added .

#4201-4-PL – Surprise!

#6557-4-IT – Survival in the forest: traps and arrows

During this activity, patrols will make animal traps and will build aboriginal arrows.

#6574-4-IT – HIT THE POLE “PALETTO” Torneo Sport Paletto – Sports tournament: Bollard

HIT THE POLE    (“PALETTO”)  (Torneo Sport Paletto – Sports tournament: Bollard)

Play area dimension : 20 x 8 m

Internal area : r 1,5 m

Goal : hit opponent’s pole with the ball

Time : 10 minutes for first half, change your area with your competitor and play for another 10 minutes for the second half

Rules :

1) 1 goal = 1 point

2) goal kick after every goal

3) max 3 paces and 3 seconds consecutively holding the ball for each player

4) If a player gets into opponent’s area goal kick for opponent team

5) If a player gets into his own area penalty throw for opponent team

6) If the player hits the ball with one foot, the referee declares foul, and the opposing team starts the action

PALETTO – Torneo Sport Paletto

Dimensione area gioco: 20 x 8 m

Area interna: r 1,5 m

Palo dell’avversario colpito con la palla: Goal

Durata: 10 minuti per il primo tempo, cambiare la zona con il vostro concorrente e giocare per altri 10 minuti per il secondo tempo


1) 1 gol = 1 punto

2) Rinvio dal fondo dopo ogni gol

3) massimo 3 passi e 3 secondi consecutivamente per ogni giocatore

4) Se un giocatore entra in area avversaria sarà rimessa dal fondo  per la squadra avversaria

5) Se un giocatore avversario entra nella propria area, sarà rigore, tiro libero, per la squadra attaccante

6) Se il giocatore colpisce la palla con un piede, l’arbitro dichiara fallo e la squadra avversaria ricomincia l’azione

#6644-4-IT – Pronto Soccorso

Alle varie squadriglie viene spiegato come costruire una barella di fortuna e come mettere in sicurezza il ferito. Il gioco consiste nel andare a ricercare nel bosco il ferito, metterlo in sicurezza e trasportarlo in un punto. Li la squadriglia cercherà di stabilizzare il ferito con le tecniche di BLS.

#6578-4-IT – Relative or absolute – topography

the activity want to show what is absolute and relative pointing in order to build an easy instrument and use this knowledge and instrumentation in a topographical evaluation of the camp


The Bull, can be seen during the winter and the early spring in the northern hemisphere and from November to February in the southern hemisphere. It is believed to represent the story of Europa and the bull. The story tells of Europa, daughter of Agenor who was King of Phoenica. One day Europa saw a majestic white bull grazing near her father’s herd. The bull was actually Zeus in disguise. After allowing Europa to climb on its back, the bull whisked her off to Crete.

Taurus constellation

#802-82-BY – primus

#1536-82-FR – sailing scouts through years

Presentation for sailing speciality, history, specifics technicals, type of boats…

#1538-82-FR – Surprise!

#1553-82-FR – Surprise!

#1542-82-FR – Transmission

Optic transmission

#1555-82-FR – Parcours Hébert “maison”

A place where many obstacles are sets, and have to be overpassed in a minimum of time.

#4184-82-PL – Let’ s play game or exchange some technics :)

We can play game togheter or exchange some technics :)

#4197-82-PL – Surprise!

#4215-82-PL – Let’s play game or teach some scouts technics :)

We can play a game with you or one patrol from our team will teach you some technics, and after that your team can teach us some technics :)

#4258-82-PL – Field game

The game is divided into two parts, in first you must as fast as possible find some spots marked on map. We will check your knowledge information about Europe, scouts technics like construction, fist aid and physical ability. then you will recieve some gold,between spots you must fight with another patrols, and take their gold. In second part of game you can buy some facilities like additional life and then you must get the better of other patrols and win the game. But be careful because, every patrols want to be the richest and the best one!

#6539-82-IT – Scoutball Tourney

We would organize a simple Tourney between Torpedini, Folaghe and two other joined patrols.

Scoutball is a simple and funny “sportish” game.

Some basics Rules:

1 If you don’t know, it’s a kind of “Handball”: you cna’t touch the ball with your feet, and have to use hands to keep or pass the ball

2 To score, you have to bring the ball over the goal line

3 Players have the scarf in the trousers, and they’re eliminated if scarf is taken out

(Better description of the game here:  )

#6540-82-IT – Olympic Roverino

Roverino is a twisted rope, and the target is throw the roverino in a stick. The patrols play with a scalp and win when in a definit time throw the roverino in gol for more time that the other patrols. This game is an old tradition in own troops and we wish affront another troops in a fantastic match. we wait for your answer.

#6552-82-IT – Pindul Pandul

It’s a very simple game, a bit similar to baseball but it is played with a long wooden stick (pandul) that hits a small piece of wood with pointed ends like a pencil (pindul). The batter is in his team base (a circle), and he  has the difficulty of having to first lift to the air with a single hit the little stick (pindul) and then hit the shot to send him away from the base. If the opponents defence is able to pick up the pindul before it touches the ground, the opponents became the batters without any change of the score. If the pindul reaches the ground, Opponents first must take it and try to run it with a single shot in their circle. If they fail, the batter has three shots to the pindul to throw it so far as possible from his own base. Then the batters estimate with as little gap as possible how many “panduls” (40 cm)  away the pindul has been shot. Then the opponents can accept the extimation, giving the score an leaving another round to the batters,  or claim the measure. If the batters underextimated the distance, they take score from the real distance. But if they overextimated the distance, the batters don’t take any score and give to the opponents the right to beat.

A very simple game and a very challenging one!

#6579-82-IT – Naval Battle

Based on the famous table game, the goal is to hit the enemy ships, placed on a squared plan.

For 2 to 6 patrols. Techniques involved: topography, pionieering, hand crafting skills.

Patrols have to collect wood, to build up some big slings with an elastic string we will provide, aim to a square of the plan through topography, and then try and shoot some slingshots to that square they choose. 1 point for correct shot; no points or even penalties for a wrong shot.