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1st of May

On Friday a change was in the air: first of all the rain stopped; and secondly it was time to mix up the national patrols. Before lunch, the list of international squads was posted. The challenge was to find all the patrol members amongst the 560 ULC participants, so that the twin patrols could cook together and talk about EJ activities.

Agata Ganczarska (polish leader of the 2nd Rząsińska) was twined with Judith from Germany. During Eurojam their units will participate together in Venite et gaudete! “During lunch – Agata related – we talked about our units, the location of Eurojam and our preparations to the camp. I am happy that we had the opportunity to cook with our twin patrol. I could use my languages skills, and we spoke English. After ULC I will be able to explain to my patrol leaders how to cooperate with their international patrol and I can give them some tips. In our ULC twin patrol, there were no difficulties, we were cooking together some pasta with tomatoes. Everybody found a place for themselves in the team. At Eurojam, I hope that my guides will have as much fun with their twin patrol as I did with mine”.

Text: Joanna Maj, photo: Marcin Kuczaj

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