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Girls, boys, leaders!

This is the moment we have been waited for 10 years now. 10 years that the last Eurojam in Poland came to its end! Under the setting sun of Zelazko we sang: “estis sal mundi – be the salt of the world”! And every guide and every scout received a piece of salt and took it back to his home country.

Go ahead, ask your leaders – those who must be between 22 and 26 and ask them if they still have this piece of salt. Ask them what they did to be the salt of the world. In any case: You are the fruit of their mission Jesus was sending them to 10 years ago. For so many of you it is true: If they had not been camped in the forests and under the stars of Poland… you would not be part of the hugest Eurojam in the history of the European scout movement with 12,000 participants camping like the first patrols on the Island of Brownsea in their own corner, with their own tent, own table, own kitchen… and their most open hearts for their sisters and brothers in scouting, for the adventure of meeting new friends, and praising the Lord in the middle of his beautiful creation!

I can hardly await mid of July when I will take my bag and my tent to get to France and start building the maybe most significant and concrete meeting of young Europeans from 18 nations in 2014 – 100 years after the breakout of the First World War, 70 years after the liberation of Normandy, 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall. “Come and see”, the Lord calls us. Get reconciled with Him, with yourself, and with your brothers and sisters. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and Robert Schuman are our great examples in this most fascinating scout adventure!

Excited to meet you and look into your eyes full of faith, hope, and love!

Yours in Scouting,

Martin Hafner
Federal Commissioner

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