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“Boys, do you want to take part in the Eurojam in 2014 ?”

These words fall on us like huge rocks. We are in september 2012, I just became chief of the patrol of the Deer, part of the troop from Beauzelle (near Toulouse, in the south-west of France), along with the Grizzly, the Cheetah and the Boar. The Court of Honor was coming to its end, as we just settled our goals for the beginning year. Our Troop Chief has kept this question for the end and the answers are not to be waited for a long time : Of course we want to take part in this adventure!

Six months later, all the troops and patrols from the whole province are together, their feets in the snow of the Pyrénées, in order to win our tickets to the Eurojam. After a 4-days camp, the Troop gets the 4th place.

For the year 2013-14, we had a new goal to achieve : realizing one “nature report” per patrol, as another step toward qualification.

Our reports written and given to the chiefs, some of them came to visit and inspect the four patrols regarding our equipment, our camp installation, but also our knowledge about scoutism and Eurojam.

Finally, a few months later, we learn good news : the Troop is qualified to participate in the unique adventure that the Eurojam is!

Our Troop Chief officially announces it at the final gathering of a week-end activity. It is being saluted by shouts of joy of the explorers and the applause from the parents and from the timber wolves, who also attended the activity.

Today, we want only one thing : to go as fast as possible to the Eurojam 2014, that will be for us such a “mythic” moment, with more than 1.500 patrols and 10.000 explorers from 18 different countries.

I actually think that the Eurojam will be the greatest moment I will live in my entire life as an explorer.

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