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Looking for volunteers

Dołącz do nas!

Jak służyć?

The leaders of selected units live within their unit and stay all the time with their guides/scouts in  order to supervise them.

Three means of taking a service as rover/ranger/former scout or guide/friend/parent: 

    1. I am specialized in a domain and I wish to be affected to a specific commission. With my   technical level, I’m able to realize a precise job on site (medicine, nurse, catering, water   engineer…). I register by myself, not depending on a team (individual registration).  During the period in which I want to serve, concerning food and accommodation, I depend on   the responsible of the sub-commission to which I’m affected.
    2. I belong to a clan/fire or I compose a team (friends, parents, former guides or scouts) and my   whole team/fire/clan commits itself in the everyday service of the Eurojam.  I live in the volunteers’ bivouac and I depend on the “volunteers’ management” sub-commission   which assigns us our services depending on the current needs.
    3. I want to come with my family. Baby-sitting isn’t centrally organized!  I live in the families’ camp, I’m not available all the time, but I come with someone/ other   persons who look after my children while I’m serving as individual or in a team (if we are several   families serving together).

Service periods

The Eurojam will take place from August 1st to 11th 2014 and we need workforce from April 26th to Mai 4th (unit leaders pre-camp) and from July 15th to August 21th!

Concerning the fires/clans, of course, the service during the Eurojam doesn’t replace the summer road! It’s up to you to organize your road before (e.g. during the Easter holidays) or after the Eurojam. You also may include the Eurojam service into your summer road (road of 15 days with 5 or 6 days of Eurojam service).

There are 5 service periods. It’s possible to stay only for a part of a period!

You can help as volunteer :

  • From April 26th to build up the Unit Leaders Camp
  • During the Unit Leaders Camp from Mai 1st to 4th
  • From July 19th before the arrival of the scouts and guides for the Eurojam
  • During the Eurojam camp from  August 1st to 11th
  • From August 11th to 21nd to coordinate the departures, dismantling and clearance.


We will contact you once you have filled in the questionnaire!

After the validation of your pre-registration, the “volunteers’ management” sub-commission can register you officially.

After that, you will receive a mail with which you can finish your registration.

Please note: in case of a clan or a fire, the “volunteers’ management” sub-commission only registers the clan/fire leader who then can register his team members.

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