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God first served

The Holy Mass will be celebrated every day in your bivouac.
On Sundays, a great celebration will take place in the ceremony field,
with the whole camp, and all the priests & bishops

Daily Mass in bivouac

The daily Mass should be in your own language, unless you are in an international bivouac. In that case, the language will be different every day, and the Eucharistic prayer could be said in Latin by the priest.

Every day, the “Tempus Verbi” will prepare you to the theme and the readings of the Mass. It’s an important time to open everyone’s heart to prepare for Mass. Your unit could be asked to prepare one Mass during the week: choosing the songs in connection with the readings, and sometimes serving it. If your religious advisor comes with your unit, he could be asked to preside it as well.

Opening Mass

Entrance: Hymne Venite et videte (T. Dyonis)
Kyriale: Missa pro Europa (Berthier)
Preparation: Anima Christi (Marco Frisina)
- Bleibet hier (Taizé)
- Fiez-vous en lui (Taizé)
- Bonum est confidere (Taizé)
Dismissal: Jesus Christ, you are my life (Marco Frisina)

Closing mass

Entrance: Hymne Venite et videte (T. Dyonis)
Kyriale: Missa pro Europa (Berthier)
Preparation: Veni sancte Spiritus (Taizé)
- Je viens vers toi Jésus (Comme l’argile) (cté. Verbe de Vie)
- O Christe Domine Jesu (Taizé)
Dismissal: Ecoute ton Dieu t’appelle (J.B. du Jonchay)


Every day, particularly at noon, the Angelus will be prayed. The Angelus is a traditional prayer which helps us to remember the coming of the Christ in the womb of the Virgin Mary. It’s one of the most beautiful mysteries of our faith: God became flesh and came to dwell among us! The Angelus is a way to contemplate this mystery of God’s love, and to let him come into our own flesh and soul.

Pilgrimage to Lisieux

« Rejoice with me » (Luke,15,6)

Since his encounter with the first apostles, Jesus calls us to go off: “Come and see!”. In the heart of the Eurojam, a pilgrimage will be proposed to everyone, over all a day, outside of the camp. God calls us and we follow him. But he calls us, above all, to led us find by him, to led us guide, to led us love, and that with an absolute trust. In company of Saint Thérèse, missionary Carmelite without borders, and of Robert Schuman, founder of Europe and constructor of peace among the peoples, we are going to Lisieux. The high point of this day will take place in the basilica of this small town which has become a centre radiating all over the world.

The meaning of our pilgrimage approach is simple: to enter into the secrets of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who is only “love and mercy”, as Saint Thérèse said. That is to reconcile ourselves with God and to reconcile among ourselves. In short, being a bright sign of peace. Concretely, the sacrament of reconciliation will be proposed at the end of the day, during a great celebration which will gather thousands of guides and scouts. This will also be the occasion to led come to broad daylight, in a very concrete way, a sign of unity among our countries, 100 years after the World War where our peoples have torn each other apart.

Finally, for those who want, a step of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be possible: That means simply to say Yes to the Christ and to His love, concretely in my life.

How to prepare in the best possible way while waiting for the pilgrimage: love, and show it by your way of living. Led your heart and the heart of Jesus already join each other.

This little text will encourage you:

“Go, pilgrim, pursue your quest, continue your way, may nothing stop you.
Take your share of sun and dust; with your heart awoken, forget the ephemeral.
Everything is futile: nothing is true but love. Do not tie your heart down to what passes away.
Do not say: I succeeded; I am paid for my suffering.
Lean not on your achievements, they will judge you.
Keep the Word in your heart: it is your treasure.”

Prayer for the preparation of the Eurojam

Very good Father, Source of Life, you love each one of your children and know them all by their names, open our hearts to the extraordinary brotherhood in which you have set us to serve one another. May our movement and the Eurojam project we are preparing be a peaceful and radiant sign of this brotherhood to the world.

Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, you call each one of us to come and follow you to see where you dwell, so that we may live in your presence. Give us the grace of leaving our comfort and our certainties, open the treasures of your heart to us, and kindle your fire in us for a patient and trustful charity all along the preparation of the Eurojam project.

Holy Spirit, Father of the poor, deprive us from all that could divide or prevent us from following Christ in our work. You are strength and mildness, you gather all men in the joy of communion, be the bond of our unity, the driving force of our labour, and make it fruitful for the glory of God.

Our Lady, crowned with stars, pray for us and guide us!


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