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WE PREPARE THIS WAY… We love challenges! We are made for this… bread for our teeth. That’s what we’re preparing for, a big patrol and personal challenge! In our camps we are used to having our equipment, our wooden poles, our ropes, our wooden boards. Treasures that we hand down from guide to guide, from patrol to patrol, since long ago. For us, the thought about buildings with something “different” is a great challenge. We never had an opportunity to have 3 meters long wooden poles that we can cut, engrave, dissect. We never had a chance to build a working table without our wooden boards cut with love by guides 5 or 10 years ago. And above all ─ we never had to pay great attention to storing all the equipment in one small box! Are we lucky as Guides? Surely, but we do not let us frightened, and we do not want to be unprepared! We have designed our buildings carefully, noting the proposals and all the ideas , we have put ourselves to the test, trying to get the best of our ability. We have designed, calculated, prepared everything, built and then tested! A unique opportunity to say once again: ESTOTE PARATI!

…we want to enjoy and get to the bottom of this challenge… as we truly believe in this Jamboree’s motto “Venite and videte”!

Text: the chief staff of the guide unit Tarcento 1°


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