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Can we have briefly explain who you are? 

My name is Theresa Schmidt, I’m German and 18 years old. I’ve been in the patrol “wildcat” in the scout group of Arzheim, but now, after leaving the patrol, I’m a pilot. I’m living in Iffezheim, a little town near to Baden-Baden in the Black Forest. This year, I will take my “Abitur” (German school final examination).

How did you know about a competition for the  Eurojam 2014 logo?

My cousin had told me about the Eurojam logo competition and proposed me to participate. Only some time later, I read again about the competition and the “game rules” on the website of the German European scout  association.

Why did you decide to participate in the competition ?

To tell the truth, I decided very spontaneously to take part in the competition. When I was reading about it on the website, some paper and pens were lying in front of me, so I just started to sketch some drafts…. and thus found a nice activity for the evening. Moreover, I like drawing very much!

What ideas inspired your picture?

First, I integrated into my draft all the elements which were asked by the “game rules”. Then I allowed free play to my creativity.

You’re no longer in a patrol but are you  going to participate in the Eurojam?

I don’t think so, because at the time of the Eurojam I will probably be busy with a work experience in preparation of my studies in communication design.

Thank you Theresa for your creativity.
You will be present in each and every one of the participants in our Eurojam

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