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Meaning of twining – to get to know other scouts and live the real brotherhood of scouting! A twin is your brother, sister, somebody close to you! Sharing one law and one promise which is put into action in all the countries that you may find on Eurojam!

Open your mind and your horizons – get to know other cultures – take away all kinds of barriers – live of this great action of peace and faith in Jesus Christ!



Means of communication: skype meeting, social media (facebook), YouTube for videos, Google+, Picasa, e-mails, traditional letters by post…

Ways of communication: text, draw pictures, photos, videos, collage, montage, useful links…

Topics for communication: presentations of countries, presentation of unit/patrol/each member, photo/video montages on different topics…

LABORATE (usually 2 patrols, twice during the camp) – technical workshops – guidelines for patrol leaders:

-         firstagree where will you meet (who is the host)

-          do you know have typical countries clothing, traditions, souvenirs?

-          Examples:

o   Send pictures or short descriptions of typical souvenirs. Maybe other patrol would like to learn how to make them?

o   Maybe you can share your scouting techniques and  secrets – what is the most difficult scout knot you how know to tie?

o   Etc.

GAUDETE (usually 3 patrols, once during the camp) – festive dinner and campfire – guidelines for patrol leaders:

-          agree where will you meet (who is the host)

-          Do you know what the other countries traditional dishes are? Maybe you would like to taste something from another country. Maybe you can try to cook something simple, but traditional?

-          Do you know the other countries traditional songs, games, dances? Can you teach others?

-          Decide who will lead the camp fire (maybe campfire specialist of each patrol can join together lead the evening program?)

-          Decide what you will do: sketch, song, dance. Bring lyrics if needed.

-          Be sure that every patrol member has a duty during the evening: for the dinner the chef/cook for course, for the campfire important persons will be the musician, the game master etc.

-          Examples:

o   You can exchange traditional recipes with photos or videos

o   You can share a YouTube video of traditional folk songs / dances / games

o   Prepare and exchange songs for the camp fire.

o   Etc.

Meeting point for Laborate and Gaudete:

-          if your patrol is a guest – all patrol come on time to twin patrols bivouac flags square.

-          if you are a host – the patrol leader (or deputy) goes to his bivouac flag square with the patrol flag. Meet the guest patrol and bring them back to patrol corner.

NB. Every patrol needs to know his and his twined patrol bivouac name. Make sure, you print this data before the camp!

ADIUNGITE (usually 2 units, once or twice during the camp)

-          Suggested meeting point – host units bivouac flag square.

-          Discuss the rules before EJ (this will save time when you meet)

-          Translate rules in advance if necessary

-          Examples:

o   Olympic games, sport

o   Cultural activity

o   Explore nature

o   Etc.

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