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The « Venite et Laborate » (Come and Work) activities invite each patrol to share scout techniques with a patrol from another country, aiming to facilitate meetings and overcome the language barrier.

The two patrols, from the 2nd Cheroy/Is sur Tille share their experience : « We received a Russian patrol and explained a vigil technique to them. We mainly spoke English. We then shared French and Russian lyrics of a melody we all knew, and shared games. »

The patrol had prepared small handcrafted gifts to offer. The guides took time to discuss the Scouts of Europe’s place in their countries, to talk about their customs and even debate about certain French clichés, answering their Russian companions’ questions.

« The twinning enables us to meet girls of other nationalities, who have different customs, but who share the same scouting spirit » explains Bérangère, whose patrol welcomed Italians to teach them a weaving technique.

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