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Between often intensive twinning activities (Laborate, Vincite, Adiungite, Gaudete, Reconciliate…), the units sometimes need some rest and to unite themselves and have a « family meeting » to make the most of life camp.

It’s durng the « Venite et Ludite » (Come and Play) that the companies (girls) and troops (boys) are free of all activities.

Some use this time to have a nap and build up their strength, write a letter or an article, have a shower, wash their clothes, tidy up their camp…

Others use this unit time to master a technique, play a game, explore the Eurojam surroundings, organise a cooking competition or visit something. For example, most of the units came to see the Eurojam museum that relates the history of European scouting.

            The ai mis simply to spend some good time, everyone in his respective unit. This activity enables the teens to consolidate friendships established throughout the year and the camp. The guides and scouts emerge from that day strengthened and yet mor motivated to live the rest of the Eurojam.

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