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« This is my heaven, this is my destiny : Live through Love », used to say Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux. It’s on this enormous-hearted saint’s steps that the Scouts of Europe walked towards Lisieux. A pilgrimage to the heart of Christ to live the sense of God that is so precious to European scouting.

By groups of 3000, out of the 12000 at the Eurojam, the scouts and guides succeeded to each other for four days in the little carmelite’s town. The coaches dropped off the scouts 10 km outside the city to enable them to walk, meditate the rosary and the little saint’s texts. Thus, boys and girls could start opening their heart before going inside the holy place.

Arriving in Lisieux, the guides were able to visit the house in which St Thérèse grew up and forged her character. For their part, the scouts were able to pray in front of the casket, inside the Carmel in which she used to live. In the end, scouts and guides united inside the beautiful and majestic Basilica of Lisieux to live the major event of the day.

They then experienced an adoration vigil during which priests were at their disposal to hear confessions if they wanted to. It was a key moment of spirituality thanks to the convergence of so many different nationalities inside the same Basilica.

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