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Union is power ! Is there a better opportunity than the Eurojam Big Game to enable patrols from different countries unite and collaborate to « win together » ?

Well before the Eurojam, each group of unit leaders had to prepare a Big Game. To enable each patrol to choose the game she wanted to play, they then posted a teaser on YouTube. This video had to present the theme of the game and its scenario.

During the Eurojam, each patrol takes part in the game she chose. The pedagogy of the Big Game answers the 5 aims of scouting which are the sense of God, the sense of concrete, the sense of service, the formation of character and health. The Big Game, of a 6-hour length, puts to contribution everyones knowledge and capacities, whatever the age or nationality.

« Each team, explains Samuel, the 1st Vienna Troop leader, is composed of several patrols of different nationalities to make them concretly experience the European brotherhood. » Louis, patrol leader from the 1st Notre-Dame-des-Dombes, notices that despite the language and culture diversities, they all share the same spirit.

The Big Game enables us to go to the others and realise « that we like people different from us » adds Samuel.

It gives the youngsters the opportunity to live an adventure in the scouting spirit.

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