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30th of April

„Welcome to Normandy” – rain welcomed the participants at the international unit leaders camp in Normandy. 560 leaders from 14 countries – Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Romania, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia – had to face the rain, right from the start of the camp.

Manuela Evangelisti, the leader managing the organization of the ULC, was a little bit afraid of problems due to the weather, but then  she  said: “I saw  people singing, meeting each other, cooking together and discussing, with a smile on their faces instead of complaining about the rain and the travel exhaustion. This is the spirit of the Eurojam. To hear the song ‘Venite et videte’ at the first flag ceremony was a very deep experience ”.

The Unit Leaders’ Camp was organized to allow unit and camp leaders to experience the European spirit and to understand the pedagogical sense of  the Eurojam. It consists in the fact that the unit leaders are the real chiefs of the Eurojam, they are responsible for their guides and scouts and they are preparing the camp with them.

Text: Joanna Maj, photo: Marcin Kuczaj

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